Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kids Are on their Buses....

I don't know about you, but some mornings that is a very happy accomplishment.

As is turning a pretty heel. Smooshy really is very smooshy. I have been knitting so furiously I am blistering up. I'm knitting Wendy's Southwestern Socks pattern(pdf) - but I wanted to knit it cuff-down so the pattern is reversed - so I'm thinking I really need to call these my Northeastern Socks 'cause they're kind of upside-down.

So, anybody have advice for a fifteen year old boy with his first girlfriend? 'Cause Teenager is going on his second "date" tomorrow evening. (gulp)

ETA: OMG - if you don't read - you have to read her blog entry today. She has an unusually challenging daughter (delightful, but challenging) and this story rocked my morning!!! I will be quoting her daughter in my head all day today.

LOL - I love the idea of your Northeastern socks!
Tell me about it. I practically had to throw my kids on the bus this morning. I took them to Van Halen last night, and they were lobbying for calling in sick to school today. See if I ever take them anywhere on a school night ever again.

My teen hasn't started dating, so sorry, no advice!
Fortunately my cats have stayed out of the dating game, so no advice here. Good luck!
That little girl from was hilarious! For goodness sakes...classic.
I don't have much dating advice-my son went out with groups of friends when on dates. He's 20 now and away at college. Miss him!....
Northeastern socks - good idea! And an advice for your son? Well, I hated it when my mother asked if I was in love; but then again, he's a boy and I have no children, only students...:-)
I'm loving your socks. Thanks for pattern.

As for the boy. I have a 14 year old one and have'nt reach that point yet...don't rush me.

Good luck
I love your northeastern socks... the color and texture are lovely. I have some Smooshy I need to knit up soon, it keeps tempting me.
By the way... the heel of your sock is beautiful. How do you do it? I can't really see it.
Don't you love that Smooshy? I'm knitting some hand warmers out of it now. Your color is very pretty, wish I was using that.

No kids so no advice on the dating. Gosh, my parents didn't let me date at 15, but that was many years ago :) Times change...

But that "Mom, she's looking at me", I see that hasn't changed! Made my day to read that.
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