Monday, October 08, 2007

Now! With More Knitting Content!

Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Pumpkin. 6 1/4 skeins. This took about three weeks. There were a couple days were I tinked as much as I knit, but I really love this sweater. OMG. I just hope we have some chilly weather this year so I can actually WEAR it! This is the Sweater for Arwen pattern from IK.

Anni's Elegance Socks from Sockamania

All right, I am totally going to order more of this Fey yarn from Spritely Goods. This is the third pair of socks I've knit with her yarn, and this is my favorite base. This colorway is Sherwood (I stole it out from under Violet last Spring when she was raving about it on the Board over at L&V.) This pattern is a really easy repeat and the yarn works perfectly with the cables - though it's pretty hard to tell in this photo.

Feather Pluckin'

So, I just do NOT want to knit toe up socks. I cast on my Yarntini Mint Mojito (Not for the Cricosaurus pattern), but for the Feather Pluckin' pattern by Erin Vaughan. Another really easy two row repeat. This yarn is not nearly as neon as it looks here, someday when we have sunshine again, I'll try to get a better photo.

The weekend was fun, but the humidity is beyond tolerance for me. The Cranberry Festival was very, very muddy. The Kettle Korn was delicious, and I found a couple of lovely hand-turned wooden burl bowls. Hopefully I can get some lovely pictures for you later today.

Your hooded sweater turned out beautifully. Great color for fall, too.
Arwen turned out great! I'm sure it will get cold enough, eventually, for you to wear it.
That sweater is so cool! And it's finally getting chilly enough to wear it.

So I'm going to have to check out that sock yarn. Much sock knitting ahead . . .
Lovely lovely lovely - and finally, in a nick of time, the weather has turned cool :-)
Isn't it cold enough for you today? I'm freezing! It's a beautiful sweater!
You finished Arwen! It's going to be great to wear in the next few weeks.

The sock yarn looks great that pattern!
Did you get to wear Arwen this morning? (And yesterday's weather? Ugh!)

Love both your socks-in-progress. : )
Arwen is beutiful! Looks like this week will give you weather to wear it.

The green sock yarn is so strange. The way it's knitting up looks like you painted half the sock with one color and half with another It will be fun to see what it does when you hit the heal!
Arwen is fabulous! Are you finding this afternoon's weather more to your liking?
Arwen is very, very beautiful; the darker purple (?) sock is beautiful but I went raving mad in seeing the green! Wow, what A Beautiful Colour (a colour right for my feet, after my colour analysis not for my face :-)
Hey stranger, I've been on vacation and am now catching up on blogs. The sweater is just beautiful - excellent job, my friend! If only I could be done with Mr. Greenjeans. :-)

I also really like the color of the feather plucker sock yarn - very nice choice.

Take care,
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