Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pictures, pictures, pictures!

I seem to have a lot to share this week. Holy cow, SNOW! Can you believe it? This is the Minnesota I know and love. None of that namby, pamby, warm Autumn weather for us! (don't worry, this won't last....)

Let's see...the pretty, pretty trinkets I bought at the Cranberry Festival. I bought this gorgeous green, black and brown necklace and these earrings were only $4.00 (see them hanging on the edge of the vase?)

I also bought this coral bead necklace. I have been looking for a coral necklace for about a year, and this was so, so coral-ly!
These earrings were at the same spot as the $4 bargain ones. The beads are jet black and they are very, very elegant. I may birthday gift these to my sister, who has the unfortunate luck of being born two weeks before Christmas.

WIP you say? Why yes, I do have a few. Remember I said last week I had Fetching in the line up? Well here it is a day and a half for one. I may make a slew of these for Christmas. Smaller for my nieces in pink and teal? (I have tiny little pre-teen nieces - itty bitty things.)

And remember Banff? Well here is the back and this photo may be the closest in color so far. The front is cast on, but no stitches yet.And last, but not least, a FO! Puck's slouchy socks in Trekking XXL, colorway unknown, because I throw those labels out as fast as I start 'em.
You may notice they seem a little fuzzy around the bottoms. Well, that's because Puck discovered how wonderfully they slide across the faux-wood floor.

It is 29 degrees right now, and my ten year old Puck has his last regular season football game tonight. Brrr. Did I tell you his team is undefeated? They have got the rockinest coaches, they tell the kids how proud they are of their work ethic and ability to play as a team. Guess I'll pack up some hot cocoa for those boys tonight.

Coming up - new yarn ordered on-line! Whoo-hoo! Some of it is secret 'cause it's for a Secret Pal!!

Oooohhhh...pretty! All of it!
Pretty pictures and great jewelry finds. Way to go, football team & Puck! Hope you didn't freeze. EP has a great system.
Love the green!
Hello! Did you get my e-card? Sounds like it's pretty cold your way these days. Bummer!!

Stay warm!

'Just Me'
Nice FOs. Don't be surprised to find a package on Monday or Tuesday! I really hope you like it.
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