Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Maria from Mias Fok Art sent me this cool Halloween treat! (Maria is my rockin' Coffeeswap III Pal.) Hootin' Anni started this goodwill gesture, and asks that we pay it forward to others...not people you talk to all the time, but new friends, or old friends too, it's up to you.! If you receive this treat from me, please save the image to your server and pass the treat on to 1 to 5 others. Don't forget to explain that this originated with Hootin'Anni, and provide a link to her blog........Thanks, Maria!

I'll send this via a comment to Amy at Knit Think(because she really loves to have fun, I definitely think I need to party with her) , Chris and her Kitties 'cause - well - Halloween/black cats, and Deb over at Wound Too Tight 'cause she is the first Knitblogger I have met IRL(and she is ALWAYS making me giggle)! Now let's pay it forward! Thanks Maria!

NaNoSweMo (National Sweater Knitting Month)

Since I have two sweater up next in line, NaNoSweMo seems to make sense for me for November. Check it out over at Knitgrrrl.

Hey, thanks! You're right--this girl does love to have fun. :-)

Maria lives in my 'hood...I'm thinking we definitely need to get a bloggers get-together going here soon. And Deb could come...and Chris...and Lisa...
Thank you!! Right back atcha!
A sweater in November? I have been wanting to start one from the new Knitty. I wonder if I can get it done in one month.....
Aw, thanks!! I hope you don't hate me forever for being meme free... Did you catch the 12 minutes of sunshine earlier?!?
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