Monday, October 22, 2007

Poof! Weekend Gone.

Well, that was certainly anti-climactic.

My much-anticipated Weekend of Solitude and Knitting really just kind of disappeared. The boys were getting ready to leave on Wednesday night when Puck realized that this weekend was NOT the "Ute Hunt" (that's what they call it in Eureka, SD - imagine Lawrence Welk), and his cousin would not be present. I had instant 11 year old company and responsibilities for the weekend. Puck was more demanding than normal because, well, MEA Weekend = No Kids In Town.

So, the Teenager and DH left on Thursday morning and Puck and I made plans for our "do whatever we feel like" weekend. We were doing just fine (although I think Puck was getting tired of my company), then on Friday the Teenager calls to inform me that he and DH would be home by 9:00. Well, there you go - instant family = very little knitting time. Sigh. There still will be the "Ute Hunt" in a couple weeks so I will get my weekend "vacation", just not last weekend.

So, I've been plugging away at my KP&S Neckdown Wrap Cardigan.

Lot's of stockinette and pretty easy knitting right now, but I feel a bit of a slacker if I don't have at least a couple active projects on the needles. So last night as I watched the Wild play hockey I decided to cast on another pair of socks.

(My friend Lazy Daisy linked over here! Hi! Only one pair of socks on the needles right now! Hi!)

So, I grabbed some Dream in Color Smooshy I bought from TLE (The Loopy has finished their move and Sheri updated the website late on Saturday night) and cast on the Southwestern Socks (do check out her free patterns!) pattern (which I am converting to cuff down) from Wendy Knits.

Since I'm talking about sock yarn - Woolgirl updated her site last night, however, unless you are on her email list, there was no way to pick up the Yarntini she added last night.

Then, because I said I was casting this on last week, I actually decided to do it. Lady of the Lake out of Fleece Artist. This is a very fast knit as it is on giant needles. The color of that yarn is not nearly that crazy red. It is a deep cranberry color.We have the "Crazy Young Athlete Schedule" running again this week. Have sympathy for Puck, would you? (Monday: Football then hockey, Tuesday: Football, Wednesday: Music lessons (phew!), Thursday: Playoff Football game (& hockey, but we're NOT goin'), Friday: hockey, Saturday: Championship Football game (if they win on Thursday) & Hockey. Hmm, which project is going to live in the car this week?

ETA: Since I've already alarmed someone, I should say, Puck gets home from school at 2:30 in the afternoon - Football doesn't start until 5:00, hockey is at 7:00! He's 11 so he has PLENTY of homework time.

Don't take this the wrong way - I think sports and music are a good thing - but when does he do his homework?
Buck up Puck! You're building character!
Wow, your weekend did just sort of vanish! I need to pull my KP&S cardi out and work on it again.
Sorry the weekend wasn't as planned.
Love the Smooshy you're using for your new socks! : )
I would never describe you as a slacker. You are simply "between amazing projects". Pity about the weekend, but it sounds like you'll get a good one later.
Oh, what a pity such a 100% different weekend. Still interesting knitting things.
Puck just wanted Mom time.
Wasn't seeing the sun just amazing on Saturday? I sure needed it.

I am knitting with Smooshy yarn also. I like it a lot.

And I really like your neck down wrap cardigan. Beautiful yarn and color!
BTW, tag!!! Check out my blog for the rules.
Jeesh! I'm exhauseted just READING all that. :-)
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