Monday, October 09, 2006

Cranberry Festival - Stone Lake, Wisconsin

A weekend full of wine, shopping, good food and WIP's. Gosh it was a beautiful weekend. The leaves were at the tail-end of their peak color. The temperature was relatively warm and balmy. My mom and I got up there around 6 on Friday and my SIL was busy cooking dinner for us. Yummy flatbread pizza and salad with Cranberry Cosmos to drink. The moon was full and the sky was clear. Mom and I headed back to our cabin early, but my SIL's sat out on the deck in the hot tub and counted stars. We had the rude awakening of realizing the pump plug was shorted out, so we had no water. Luckily, my SIL #1 has a boyfriend who digs wells for a living and he is quite conversant with pumps and was able to fix it for us on Saturday morning.

I crawled out of bed early Saturday and crept into SIL #1's house to steal a shower before I went back to pick up mom to go to the Cranberry Festival. Lots and lots of booths with crafts and other assorted items you find at art fair type settings. I found some really cute necklaces and earrings - I'll take some photos tomorrow of those. I even found a booth where a woman had a spinning wheel and some llamas. She was selling handspun, hand-dyed llama yarn. I contemplated some, but decided to take a vacation from buying fiber this weekend.

However, I did do some knitting and I found some beautiful hand-turned bowls. They're made by this very charming older gentleman. These bowls would sell for twice the price he asks for them if he sold them in a shop in Hayward or Brainerd. He is delightful, and so are his bowls:I plugged away at the Banff sweater - I'm sure I will pick up speed on this. The color of this sweater is not nearly so fuschia.

I also managed to knit sock #2 down to the heel flap. I actually finished it tonight and Puck slid them on and decided they were a very nice option to bare feet in this cold weather.

Now, however, DH wants a pair, in purple. Purple and gold.

After we returned to the cabin, mom and I spent the afternoon on the deck; reading and napping. SIL #1 and #2 plus MIL joined us around 4:00 for games and wine, and eventually, for dinner. Much to my chagrine, I also discovered that while we had water, we had no heat. The pilot light on the boiler had gone out and required matches to be re-lit. Once again the boyfriend was called and begged to help us out. He didn't get over there until Sunday night, but the temperature didn't drop below 65 degrees so we were good.

We packed up and headed for the Cities around 10 am on Sunday and made it home by 12:30 so I got to watch the Vikings actually win, yay!

I have to mail a Funky Scarf in the morning and now I get to start shopping for my Secret Pal for the SP9 Swap!

I like the bowl you got alot. Will you ever get a pair of knit socks for yourself?
Love the bowl. I have a friend who also does turning. Sounds like a lovely weekend.

Changing the subject: are there any knitting groups who meet out in Eden prairie? A friend just moved into the area from FL and she is interested in learning to knit. I think she would do well with a more hands on approach and some experienced knitters guidance. You can leave a comment in my blog or e-mail me. I'm also going to check TC knits on yahoo groups.
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