Friday, October 12, 2007


The Elegance Socks from Anni Design:

One sock done - it is very hard to get the detail on this sock - here's a close-up:

Aren't the color gradations just lovely? I don't usually make my socks this tall on top, but this pattern and yarn combination are rather addictive. If you need to know again, the yarn is Spritely Goods' Fey and her Superwash Merino Wool Yarns is where I find my favorite colorways.

I've cast on the second Elegance sock just last night. But then this morning, I'm browsing my Bloglines, and this popped up and sent me scurrying to my stash to see what might work. Really - how cute is this sweater? The Beryl Sweater from Chic Knits. (sigh) Why do I do this to myself?

BIG sports weekend here for Puck. Football and hockey - and I have to post my Coffee Swap questionnaire this morning too. Enjoy the crisp midwest air this weekend - I plan on it!

Lalalala - a little work on updating the sidebar. I am currently participating in Coffeeswap 3 and Pay it Forward. Hopefully converting that PIF button to jpg will let me put it up in the sidebar!

That's a darn cute sweater! Hey - I'm meeting Renee of "A Good Yarn" at 2:00 today at 318 Cafe if you are available and want to join us?
That sweater is very cute. Hmmm...
Yes, that is a very subtle pattern. Like it. And such a nice sweater, yes!
Wow, you already have one of the socks done - looks great!
Now I know where my sock mojo has gone! It must be living at your place. If you see it hanging around, send it home, will ya? I'm so stalled on the Red Dwarf socks!
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