Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Autumnal Musing...

How does a dog that looks like this most of the time...
get his photo in this august publication in an article on hunting through the generations? (I mean august in the sense of old and esteemed, not the month.)


Actually - Kona's not even the focus of this photograph he's the little-bitty dark dog in the background of the photo (with my dh and the Teen!) However, the South Dakota photographs were taken on my husband's family's land. Pretty awesome, if you ask me.

ETA: Evidently you have to page through the photos - the one with Kona in it is the fourth one in (with the guy kneeling in the foreground).

This also, is equally awesome:
TLE has come through again with the awesomeness, this is Oceanwinds Merino - hand-dyed in Canada. This color is Vancouver Island. (She snuck in another sneak-up this week...)

Also, Ms. Knitterly Things (check it out - she's got a cute workhorse scarf pattern up today) is listing some Vesper in her store tonight between 5-6 pm ETA That's Eastern Time! Personally, I covet the Tainted Love colorway.

Well, we are off to hockey tonight, it all begins again!

Kona was just in the right place at the right time is all. Obviously having a camera out isn't the trick since he won't sit up for you.
Wow! How exciting for Kona! He seems to be taking it all in stride, though. No special requests for the star treatment?
Argh! Can't update Flashplayer :(

Oh, well. I'm sure Kona looks fabulous.
Kona is, of course, the star, even if she's not the main subject.

You trickster--that's 5-6 p.m. Eastern time! Ha, race you to the Vesper!
Wow, a star!! :) Oh, I see from Amy's comment that you're being tricky - busted! ;)
That yarn is very cool. Don't let Kona's fame go to his head.
Wow that is so cool about the farm and the hunting thing! Kona is a beauty! Someday I might get to meet him! ha ha Oh wow that Vesper yarn is cool. I liked AquaMelon and Asto too but Tainted Love is pretty cool.
oooh Love Stinks is pretty, too.
Ooh, Kona's famous! That's some gorgeous land, too. : )
OMG! She is a gorgeous dog! I want to give her smooches! And now she's famous! Did you tell the kennel? They'd probably get a kick out of that!

Lovin' the new yarn and links!
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