Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Why did I want kids?

Didja ever KNOW you were gonna have one of those days and want to climb back into bed in self-defense? Well, at least the sun is shining.

In the meantime I have to go to Costco today (ugh) or there will be no dinner or breakfast in this house for the rest of the week. Then, I am looking at an afternoon like this:

3:00 load tuba into (new! yay!) car
3:15 pick up Teen at the High School - lug him to music lessons
3:30 drop teen off at music lesson -rush home to make sure Puck is doing homework, getting ready to put Football gear on.
4:00 Back to pick up Teen and then drop him off at Music Focus Group appointment at other end of town.
4:30 rush home to feed Puck dinner, get him ready for football - get tuba OUT of (new!yay!) car.
4:45 car pool Puck and two neighbor boys to football practice.
5:15 head back to other end of town to pick up Teen from Music Focus Group - bring him home make sure he has food and is stationed in the office doing homework.
6:00 debate about whether or not I should go WATCH football practice.
6:15 leave to go watch the end of football practice.
7:00 drop off neighbor kids that need rides - feed Puck again as he will be ravenous.
7:30 Teen will be hungry again and there will nothing in the house he wants to eat.
7:40 curl up in fetal position.

On the plus side - I have 1.5 oz of yarn left to finish up my Arwen; that's about 7 1/2 inches of hood remaining.
I've also had this fun little cable needle to use for this project. I ordered a set of three when I got my options Harmony tips. Sorry - not the best photo - I was trying to get it before the battery fizzed out.

Also - if you collect sock patterns - free or otherwise The Daily Chum had one listed today, and it's a free download - very cute! The Bracket Fungus Socks - great name!

ETA: Ms. Nuttnbunny drew my name in her Pay it Forward contest! That means I have the rest of the month to collect names to pay it forward. I think I'll draw three names on 10/27 (that's our 17th anniversary!) and in the meantime, I will choose some lovely items from my stash to pass on! You just need to promise to do the same!

Tomorrow: sock yarn!

Sounds like a very busy day. Maybe there will be enough down time inthere to get Arwen done? I can't wait to see her finished.
Good luck on your day! I'm not authorized to enter the Costco vacuum solo. :-)
At least you get to spend a lot of time in your (new!yay!) car!
Just remember that they still want you to drive them. And you are driving your new car.

And Costco is the perfect place with hungry teen boys. Don't you wish they could learn to do the shopping and feed themselves some days?
As busy as you will be, I hope you get lots of knitting time too : )
Just keep telling yourself they grow up fast. Easy for me to say, huh?
One day you will read this blog in sweet remembrance...:-)
Hey, it was sunny today. How about a picture of the (new!yay!)car?

Ok, sometime when you are not quite so busy actually using the (new!yay!) vehicle :)

Love the pictures of Kona. So glad to see him.
OK. I'll play.

And send the hungry boys into Costco during the 4-5 p.m. time...snacks galore.
looks really yummy all balled up, imagine when she's all blocked!
A RED four door Wrangler? I'm jealous!! We have a little old yellow Wrangler, and our son has a little old blue Wrangler, and we ogle the new ones ALL the time. Congrats!! (Although I'd LOVE to see a tuba in it!!)

I know how busy you are - been there, done that, still doin' that with the kids. A new vehicle sure makes the day brighter!
And I thought my WEEK was nuts! Enjoy the cabin this weekend and I'm looking forward to a finished Arwen soon.

BTW, Squeeeee! Hockeyman made B1! Hope the crossed fingers didn't cause the tinking problem.
I've got a question about your Arwen. I'm doing the Cardigan for Merry, a kid sweater based on the Arwen pattern, using the same cable pattern. I'm finding my row height on the cabled section is significantly different from the stockinette portion. Are you having the same problem? I'm wondering if I should just try to block it out to the same length, or rip it out.
A Tuba? I thought my teen's large, cumbersome Accordion was hard to move around? Well, perhaps they need them to pick up members of the opposite sex! At least that is what Wierd Al Yankovic says.
I feel like going fetal from reading about your day, too! Yikes. I hope you have some unobligated time for yourself scheduled into your week.
OMG, you live my life, one car ride at a time....I sympathize with you. This too shall pass and we shall miss all of the insanity
Hello from London!

Thank you for linking my bracket fungus socks - I'm very glad you like them and from the look of your work you are certainly a sock connoisseur - praise indeed!
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