Sunday, October 28, 2007

I have SO been knitting!

It's just that I've been going to football games, birthday parties, anniversary dinners (mine!), hockey practice and halloween parties, oh and breaking up smooching sessions, (but really, that one was no fun at all.) Can I help it if I'm too exhausted to pick up those KP Options and toss off a few stitches?

My package for my Coffeeswap Pal? Still sitting on the floor, coffee-less. Oh, and treat-less as well. It should be relatively easy to add that part, it just means I have to drive somewhere and actually purchase some items. (sigh) Did I mention that I am exhausted? Look, I even have some evidence of my knitting:

Smooshy Northeastern Sock:

One down and the second just begun.

My KP&S sweater which is in stockinette purgatory right now. However, I will love this sweater forever and ever if it ever gets long enough! (Notice the Diet Coke by my sweater. Someday, I must curb my addiction to Diet Coke. My Cub store ran out of cases of Diet Coke last night - tell me - how does a store RUN OUT of Diet Coke? Is there NOT a bottomless supply somewhere of Diet Coke? I had to buy Diet Coke w/Splenda and I do believe I like it.)

STR Raven - blown out with my flash - but I kind of like this picture. This will make some very lovely socks. I am not joining the STR Sock Club next year, as I think I will prefer to spend my money on just their lovely yarn. Most of the patterns were simply not to my taste.

Puck's team lost their Championship game on Saturday, but they put up a gallant effort. The final score was 20-14 and very nearly scored a tying touchdown, but it was not meant to be. We were all just grateful our own little guys did not get hauled off the field on a gurney as happened in the game just following ours. The injured boy was up and ready to play hockey the next day, but it really scared an entire community to hear that an 11 year old had been hit in the back by someone's helmet and then hit from the front. He went down and could not move his hands or feet. Can you think of anything more terrifying? As I said, however, he went home from the ER that night and was darned unhappy that he missed the rest of his football game. (His team won third place.)

Breaking up smooching sessions? Oh, dear.

And eeek for the kid on the gurney. How scary.
I'm with you on the STR club next year. I won't join again either. Will probably miss being in the elite who get the exclusive yarns and patterns. However, I have learned a lot from the patterns completed so far, and that is mainly why I joined.
My goodness, what an exciting weekend! :) Happy anniversary!

I was in the STR club for the first round and decided never again. It felt like most of the colorways were not ready for prime time, y'know? As if they didn't want to "waste" production quality colorways on the club.
I decided I like Smooshy the best of the sock yarns I've knit with so far. I'm down to the toe of the 2nd sock - I'll post later today.
Diet Coke w/ Splenda is better for you than the "other" sweetener. AT least for me. I break out & get migraines from the other stuff!
That STR is Gorgeous!!! So sorry about your son's loss in the championship game, but obviously they had a great season!
I'm exhausted just reading your post!

I liked Lenore too. : ) I wonder if Dream in Color will do a club? I would totally want in....
I am completely familiar with KP&S stockinette purgatory. It sucks, but you end up with something lovely at the end...

I'm with you on STR sock clubs. I honestly don't understand why this club in particular is so popular. I guess most of there colorways are just not to my taste.
Do like the STR and your sweater to be! and of course happy anniversary... I'm dead tired from reading all the things you do...
If you need a good local coffee for your swap, I'd recommend Peace Coffee's "Sow the Seeds" which is a fundraiser for flooded farmers of Southern Minnesota. We've been trying it and liking it!
My neighbor kid just broke his knee cap in football this fall (5th grade). YIKES! I think I'd have passed out if I saw that kind of hit!

I am pleased to read the comments on the STR because I have been prowling their site for some time now wondering if I should join. The comments helped my decision . . . oh, and an forced-ban on any new yarn may have also contributed to this.

We are in cahoots with Captn. Kennels. So soon? I can't take the void. There are too many empty spaces here. If we go through with it - the parents are Chilli and Jewel. . . relatives of Kona?

Love the "northeastern" sock. Very nice!
That comment from Bubblie is from me - Rani

As the owner of 40 acres of CRP land, I have a different take on hunters than the article. I've already taken down 2 deer stands put up without my permission and kicked 3 groups of pheasants hunters off who were hunting without permission, one party who even had the audacity to park in my driveway and block my garage so I couldn't even park my own car when I got home. My land is all legally posted with No Hunting signs. I'm sick and tired of my fences being ruin, my cats shot at and of being afraid to sit near a window on deer hunting days.

It was nice to see Kona in such an august magazine :) but I find too many hunters to be rude, inexperienced (hunting-wise)folks who have no care or concern for other people's property.

Sorry for the rant...this time of year always puts me in this frame of mind towards hunters :)
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