Monday, January 15, 2007

So I woke up this morning, and well, we're no Denver but look at what I saw:

Yesterday, this hill was brown and muddy. Isn't it amazing what six inches of snow will do to pretty things up?

I agree! Things are so much prettier with a bit of snow covering them up! The snow was absolutely gorgeous coming down last night - really sparkling in the street light.
Snow makes everything pretty. I just I could see some. Here is hoping that you get some more snow soon.
I would love some snow...:-)
I am SO glad it snowed, even if it's a bit too cold. :)
Yay for snow!
Purdy snow! BTW, the EP team made the PeeWee Championship, I believe. My boy is a Bantam and played S. St. Paul. I didn't get to see the PeeWee game. Who won?
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