Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mr. Sock Mojo Says YES!

I ran into him at Starbuck's yesterday, and he scoffed and told me to come back when I had a real problem. So, as you see, no problem.

Here, are the socks!

These are the Slouch Socks from the Socks, Socks, Socks book. I used Cherry Tree Hill in the Peacock colorway which I purchased at the Loopy Ewe. I am now at .82 miles in the Lime N Violet Sock Marathon. Woo Hoo! I should make my two mile goal by end of March - no problem.

Next: Eagle's Flight in Koigu.

Also? Coming up next: Weak Moments


I am happy to hear that you found your mojo again. And that Starbucks helped. And I am happy that you had enough of the Cherry Tree Hill because that is a colorway that I do not have in my stash. I need to calculate my yardage for the sock marathon as well.
Yay sock mojo!! The socks are gorgeous.
Weak moments! Yay! Those are my favorite kind.
I am glad it made it to the end!
2 miles by March, wow, that is something. Keep up the good work!
The socks are purty! I'll have to remember that colorway, it has the right mix of blue and purple. I look forward to seeing how your Eagle's Flight socks turn out. :)
Sigh - I love happy endings! I've been eyeing that pattern, too. Maybe with my STR that's waiting in the wings? BTW, boxing rocks. Want to give it a try? First class is free at Gorilla!
Oh, puleeze! I get five inches at the most on my socks (trying to get a twofer by knitting socks with Miss Violet's Pink ribbon) and you finish a pair! I am so frogging these socks! STR - that might be my reward for finishing this pair!
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