Saturday, January 27, 2007

I have the best KMKS Pal ever!

Look at all the great goodies she sent me!
There is a really cute pattern in there, Mission Falls "Thrill", Three skeins of Mission Falls to make the pattern up with, some bamboo needles, a crochet hook, a stitch holder, a cute little note, some Mentos and a little key chain with post-it type notes in it! OH, and the sweet little bag she made for me. The best part is the lining; the lining is awesome and there will be no needles poking through this bag!

I was worried that I didn't have a pal because she couldn't get her e-mail through to me and I didn't hear from her because of that until the week before we were supposed to ship! Anyway, I'm not sure if she has a blog, but THANKS AGAIN JOANNE!

There are pictures of my kit up at Mia's blog:

I really enjoyed putting Mia's kit together. She is a Firefighter out east and I loved reading her blog while I was putting everything together. Then somehow she started posting here and I thought she'd hunted me out, but she said she hadn't!

and Hi Mia!

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That's a great kit! So glad your arrived. I'm still waiting! :)
Mia is really great. Looks like you sent her a nice package and got a nice package as well!
Oh, your kit looks fab!!!! And a key chain with post-its in it sounds great for a knitter. And no, I did not sleuth you out!!!!
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