Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Welcome to 2007

I have returned from our sojourn to Northern Wisconsin. Gaming was had along with wine and much cookie eating (way too much cookie eating). Puck learned to make homemade pasta and we had a fantastic meal. Projects were finished and projects were started. I did NOT finish my list, but I was not unhappy with the progress made.

See? Puck making pasta (his Gma gave him the chef's hat). He looks awfully sweet doesn't he? Hard to believe he lives for the year he can check on the ice during his hockey games, isn't it?

Ladies and Gentlemen? The tree is dead.
However, the tree did live long enough to model one of my FO's and my almost FO. My socks knit out of lightweight STR in the Jingle Bell Rock colorway - pattern is based on the Phineas pattern I linked before Christmas.

Also on the deceased tree is the Booga II - as I call it - or my second Booga bag. Felting to occur tonight. My S'more slippers are going to take a second run at the washer at the same time.

I have committed to knit some preemie hats with the ladies over at k3tog. Here is my first run at it.

I finished this in a liesurely manner during the two and half hour ride to Stone Lake Wisconsin. (Modeled by kitty statue.)

Last, but not least: Kona says: "If you make me wear a sweater, all the guys will call me a wussie!"

What a great preemie hat! Thanks so much. It's nice to think about all those warm preemie heads, isn't it?
Looks like a good time! :) These socks are super duper, and I love the colorway you used in the Booga Bag (was that Noro?).
Dear Kona,
Don't be a whiner. A sweater? My human made me wear a pink t-shirt that said, Desperate Housedog. You have nothing to complain about.
You have been busy! The preemie hat is especially pretty, as are the "tree adornments." The photo of Puck is charming. Brings memories of my boys when they were that age!
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