Monday, January 29, 2007

What's the verdict?

Do I have enough CTH here to finish this sock?

The pattern called for 430 yards and 2.5 mm dpn's, which is exactly what I am using. However, the Cherry Tree Hill Label says 420 yards. I even did one less repeat of the pattern on the leg....I do this with every pair of socks I knit. Loopy Ewe has this color in stock, so I could pick up a skein to finish, I refuse to frog at this point....grrr. Well, stay tuned for updates as we knit socks today!


I bought a digital scale to help resolve questions like that! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. :)
I have my fingers crossed. And Sherri is great to deal with. Let me know what the color name is and I might have it in my stash. I have quite a bit of Cherry Tree Hill.
Last year I made a pair of ribbed CTH yarn (420 yds, not 370 from earlier packaging) and thought I was going to run out-- in fact, I was gearing up to rip out the other side.... and low and behold, the wee wound skein had Plenty. Capital "P" plenty! Do you have a cheap kitchen scale around? It can help you gauge how much you have left, too.
If possible weight it. If you have more than what you have knit so far you should be o.k.

If youf foot length is 9.5 inchs or less you should be fine.

I can get a pair of socks with a nice bit leftover when I use CTH. But my foot is small...

Finger crossed for you:D
I'd go for it but I'm risky that way. To me it looks as though you have plenty.
Ohhh! A cliffhanger - can't wait for the update.

Per your comment on my blog, Chaska's rink is frigid all the time, especially rink 2. Were you at CCC or Victoria? Victoria is really nice!
I hope you have enough! All the best.
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