Thursday, January 18, 2007

Monkey Socks!

(ETA: Yes, this is the Monkey pattern from!)Started 1/13/07
Completed 1/17/07
Fleece Artist Merino in colorway Jester
Remaining yarn? Teetiny bit.

So, whomever said these were a fast knit, they were right! I cast on the Campfire Socks from the Cider Moon website last night in my Chasing Rainbows Coral Reef and I have already turned the heel. Incredibly fast pattern as well.

So far in the L&V Sock Marathon - .47 miles.

Way to go on completing your first 1/2 mile of sock yarn used for the marathon. I need to post my mileage on Monday. I think I have the campfire sock pattern. I will have to go and look.

The Monkey socks look great.
WOW, that's fast... I will have to try that pattern soon. And thanks for the tip about Cider Moon website, it was new to me and I see quite a few nice patterns. :)
Are these the monkey socks from knitty? I love them. Have quite some yarn to make them, you know :-) And yes, thank you for the cider moon website. I love the campfire socks too. Do you by chance know a website where they sell time? yvonnep
Wow! So pretty! I really love that pattern! and those colors!

Dang you knit fast!
A perfect match of color and pattern.

Well done gal!
Wow, 4 days! That's amazing!!! Beautiful colorway.
Oh, that is my next sock pattern - so glad to hear how fast it goes! I need to catch up on my mileage, going way too slow to meet my goal so far! Slow and having to frog because I mistakenly grabbed size three needles instead of size two - silly.
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