Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ya Taaa!

(Don't you just love Hiro?)

Here they are, the finished line of preemie hats, marching their way into their box!

Don't they look sweet all snuggled up in their new home?

I woke up on the third day of my migraine today. They usually go away after 48 hours. When you have a bad migraine? DON'T watch the latest Grey's Anatomy two-parter. Oh my dear heavens, sobbing is so bad for a headache. (I have been a part of the Dead Dad's club since 1997 - don't EVEN get me started.)

Well, I'm off to take those little darlings to the UPS Store.

I'd show you more pictures of wet particle board, but I think it's too depressing to have in the same post as those cheerful little hats. Tomorrow is soon enough, right?

The hats do indeed look fantastic, all lined up. I love that you wrapped them in equally bright tissue paper, too!

I was just sobbing at that episode of Grey's also, and I'm not even in the club, thank goodness.
I really hope your headache gets better fast. The noise from outside can't be helping. Have any of the magic drugs helped at all?
Hope your headache gets better. I love the hats, but, you know what I really came to love? That thin paper of yours! Oh, your mailbox!
Lovely hats. Prayers are wafting your way, though. Migraines are the worst. Been there, done that. Hope you feel better soon.
The hats are fabulous!

Migraine are horrid. They usually go away after 3 days, but who wants to live that long with one? Did you take anything? Call your doctor? Throw things out the window at the construction?
Those hats look great! Thanks so much. Chelle and I will do a group photo of all the hats closer to the end of the month. It'll be an amazing sight.
I love all the hats, they look so pretty!!

I've been having migraines for about 25 years, tried various meds for the pain and finally settled on Zomig. But it sure took long enough to figure it out.

Take care, my new friend!
The hats look so great all lined up together!
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