Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Preemie Hat Update:

You can't see it very well, but there is a ninth one peeking out in back, way at the end (it's pink). Three more to go, then I will pack them off! Another orange one, I think. We have a hockey tournament at Parade Stadium this weekend, so I imagine I will have a little sitting time to finish one or two!

I am also participating in Lime and Violet's Sock Marathon. So far I have about a half mile done, but it's really lit a fire under me to get some of that sock yarn stash knit up! I have so many patterns that I want to try. I am apprehensive about trying a toe up sock. I love the top down version so much. I guess, as some point, I will be anxious to try something new.

I love the top down version, too, but still want to try the toe up.

Your hats are so adorable, and the room beyond looks quite elegant.
Wow! You are cranking on those hats! I use both toe-up, and top down and like bits of both. Toe-up is great if you are worried about how much yarn you have.
Toe-up socks aren't scary. The second pair of socks I knit were toe-ups. Jeanne is right, they are great for when you have only so much yarn. Have fun!
I have to admit that I still have the premie hat kit that the folks from Yarn Garage gave out at last year's Yarnover. It sits on my bedside bookcase and gives me mournful looks at bedtime. I promise to knit it by this year's Yarnover!
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