Monday, January 22, 2007

Good Morning
I am trying to ignore the men that are tearing the outside of my house off, so don't be surprised if I start to YELL....

I have been knitting like crazy like this weekend, but due to Lacrosse and Hockey(if kids hockey bores you, don't click here), I never actually finished anything - except one more preemie hat. (That puts me at 10. 11 and 12 are on the needles as we speak!) I'm turning the heel on a second sock (this pair started out fast, but turns out there was a reason for that. Evidently, I do not have an average sized woman's foot - so first sock has been frogged and totally reknit!) Now I am trying to decide what sock pattern I'm going to tackle next. I'm kind of liking Eagle's Flight for some Cherry Tree Hill.

I received my final package on Friday from my Secret Pal. Patti from She is a local blogger, and I've actually been lurking at her blog, so she thought I'd figured her out - but I hadn't at all! See the lovely package she sent me:

There's some Mountain Colors yarn and an Entrelac scarf pattern - so that's next on my list of new techniques! Some pretty pink notecards with my initial on them and some really adorable stitch markers. She has just opened an etsy store to sell her beaded stitchmarkers - check it out. Yea, I still have a few of those Sweethearts left.

I have been tagged by Lorraine over at Faith & Fiber - so here goes:

Find the nearest book
Open to page 123
Type lines 6-8 of said book
Tag three others

""Corners, however, only reveal more corners, and Jed's light only targets ashen walls, though soon enough they all begin to detect that inimitable growl, like calving glaciers far off in the distance, which at least in the mind's eye, inhabits a thin line where rooms and passageways must finally concede to become a horizon.

"The growl almost always comes like the rustle of a high mountain wind on the trees," Navidson explained later.""

Okay, this is "House of Leaves" by Mark Z. Danielewski, which I have not started to read yet, but now I am intrigued - I might have to move that to the top of the pile.

I tag anyone who wants to give it a whirl!


iPod earbuds help with the noise. Trust me that the kids will be able to not hear the noise. I hope that they fix the problem really fast. And again THANK YOU!!!!
That's cool your SP turned out to be local. Awesome stuff you got, too! Hope the noise stops soon, too.
Pretty Yarns! It is always fun to find out who has been lurking.
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