Friday, January 05, 2007

A Row of Little Preemie Hats:

Notice the last one doesn't have his pom pom yet. I'm wrapping it up this very minute. I cast on another this morning. I am having so much fun making these little hats. Check it out over at k3tog.

The Booga II is felted and will be receiving its strap this morning:
I do like how this one felted better than the first one. I also re-felted my s'more slippers and now I just have to sew on the stretch cuffs (D'oh!). Hate to sew. I also started my first pair of socks for the stashalong '07. This is Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Elderberry. This yarn is so soft and the colors gradate so subtly (Is that how you spell that?) I really love knitting with it - but I always worry that I won't have enough yarn. (This is a free pattern from KnitPicks called Almost Argyle).
Well, Winter Lacrosse starts this weekend, we have much hockey and tickets to the Gopher Hockey game on Sunday night. I'll be exhausted by the time Monday rolls around!

Well I'm off to see what everyone else has to say today!

Wow! Thank you so much! Ya know, we are going to blow right by our goal of 45 hats. When we met to knit last Wednesday (Jan 3rd) we were already up to 18.
The hats are cute! That bearfoot looks so pretty. Have fun at the games. :)
I love the booga bag, might have to add that to my ever expanding list for 2007!

Have a great night!

"Just Me"
Those preemie hats are just darling.
Those hats are great - they're a little more sporty than the usual preemie cap (at least those that I've seen). What yarn did you use?
Lovely yarn for those socks! Are you telling us that you started a pair of socks already? I'm still winding up what I've got and thinking what to make. The felted bag I've made many of is the "Lucy" bag by Two Old Bags. Eveyone likes it and it's just the right size. Happy New Year!
Thanks so much for the Preemie hats! We appreciate it so very much and yours are looking great!

Also love the socks; what a great colorway!
Nice preemie hats! They certainly look familiar-- (I've seen Joyce and Louise knitting them since January 1st!)

So, I'm wondering... have we met before?
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