Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Days 3 & 4 of H***

Our first occasion of waterlogged particleboard. Don't worry - there will be more - I'm sure of it. (sigh)
This is what the whole backside of the house looks like:
Turns out, I can knit amidst the chaos:

These are my Campfire Socks from Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks Kid Mohair/Merino. These are very soft and squooshy. I loved how I got the little stripes of powder blue as I knit these. However, I am not a fan of the short row heel. It looks pretty, but I think it wears funny. This puts me at .6 mile for the L&V Sock Knitting Marathon!

Well, I am off to replace Pucks Ipod Mini as his dad ran it over this weekend at the Hockey Tournament. Luckily I have Reward Points and Gift Cards from Best Buy, so off I go!

Ran over it?!? Your poor house. How long is this little project going to take?
Evidently, the Ipod fell out of the car when dad dropped him off for hockey, and dad ran over it. Dad then found it when he walked into the arena - those old Ipod minis were pretty sturdy, but wet snow and a Tahoe it could not withstand.

The project is supposed to take ten weeks (on the outside).
A mini??? I thought I was the only person left who still had their mini!!! But I am sure that your son's was not pink like mine.

And ten weeks for that demolition and repair. I hope for good weather so that they can get it done faster.
I'm soo sorry! I hope the house mess cleans quickly. ugh.
The socks look fab! I like the blue bits too. I'll have to remember and try that yarn sometime this year. :) (I hope it's a fast 10 weeks!)
We had our house re-roofed everal years ago when I was pregnant with Youngest Child. They were working over my bedroom and I desperately needed a nap so I went into my yarn room/spare bedroom to lay down. This was under the flat, rubber-roofed former porch part of the house so I thought I was safe. So I was, until, at quitting time, when all the workers jumped from the peaked roof onto the flat roof in order to climb down the ladder. The Thuds knocked out the ceiling light and both fixture and pieces of glass globe rained down on my sleeping form. For the longest time, I couldn't figure out what happened!
Those are cute socks.

Ah, the joys of construction.

That entrelac looks cute, peaking out of the corner in your post below.
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