Saturday, September 29, 2007

Great News!

Kona is in the clear! They got the entire growth and everything was non-cancerous. Believe it or not - mid-August he stuck his nose into some sort of wasp or hornet nest and got very stung - all over his head. His whole face was swollen. We treated him with Benadryl and St. Joseph's Baby Aspirin (even though they don't call it that anymore, and it's not orange flavored anymore either) for the pain and swelling. Evidently that incident left a little gift behind that caused a very large irritant /inflammation. Yay! Puppy's all better.

My car is lovely and if the sun ever comes out again, I'll take a picture of the actual vehicle.

Puck's football team kicked some serious booty this morning, despite the world's worst officiating. (Seriously! How can one team get called for "Pushing from behind" 6 times, and the other team not get called for offsides, face masks, interference or illegal formation?) Woot! 20 to 0! They had two opponents this morning - the other team and the officials.

In the meantime, I am watching Dr. Who and knitting away on Arwen.

Tell Kona I know how it feels to have a questionable barnacle removed. Glad everything turned out all right.
SO glad to hear the good news on Kona. Poor guy, all those hornet stings must have hurt!

Your new car is very nice (what! not a VW!) but I always think a person gets more speeding tickets in a red vehicle so be careful :)
Best news ever! Whew! I was so worried.
Yay Kona! Yay new car! (But boo on the lack of sun) And yay Puck! Sounds like you are having a fabulous weekend.
I am SO glad to hear about Kona. You and your family can now sit back and enjoy things for a bit - like footbal victories and new shiny cars!
Great news!!!
I'm so glad that everything is ok with Kona.
Yay Kona! Good news!
Woohoo! Happy dancin' goin' on at our house. So pleased that Kona is going to be fine! Did'ja celebrate by taking her for a spin in the new Jeep???
This is the weekend of good news... so good for Kona and for you all. I had very good news from my best friend.
Congrats about Kona! (whew!)
Dear Kona - I am glad you are OK!
Love, Holli!
Good to hear about Kona - but oh, that must've hurt...

Sun? What sun?
Glad to hear that the tests came back clear on Kona.

Ready to build an ark yet? Looking out at the gartens these past few weeks, I wasn't certain if I should run out and try to rescue the plants, or modify to watergartens. Rumor has it that the sun may show through over the next few days.
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