Friday, September 07, 2007

All this Peace and Quiet...

has made us a little bit lazy around here. One of us is not enjoying the absence of the kids - two guesses who it is. Has anyone else had a Lab that moans? Seriously. This guy will climb upstairs and flop himself down on the floor and moa-oa-oa-oan and groa-oa-oa-oan.

I have been seriously yearning for sweaters and the stash acquisition is growing accordingly. First, I saw some of this somewhere online (for the life of me, I cannot remember where), but look at the twist on this stuff. Shelridge Farm Soft Touch W4 Wool . Yummy. This is Pumpkin Pie.I am thinking of Ysolde's Snow White pattern.

Then I bought this up in Cable last weekend, I couldn't NOT buy some yarn at this far flung LYS. Some yummy Berroco Ultra Alpaca.

So soft and lovely. This is going to be the Jade Empire sweater from the latest Knitting Universe issue.

Some Araucania Nature Wool from Webs latest sale. This is going to be the BSA's Hooded Pullover - yum!!!!

There are other new sweater yarns in my stash, but if I can get through this list first - we'll add some more. First I have to finish up a few things:

1. Leafy Cardigan (one sleeve and the ties left)
2. Arches & Columns Apple Laine Purple Rain Scarf (about halfway done).
3. Second Bloody Mary/Slightly Bruised sock (just finished the cuff).

I worked on every one of projects numbered 1-3 today.

We have football for Puck tomorrow morning and a Battle of the Bands for the Teenager tomorrow evening. He's a member of a group at the school called Soulfire. They are dedicated to providing appropriate teenage entertainment (ROCK N ROLL), without smoking or drugs. Huh, who knew?

Sunday at our house is NFL and Fantasy Football. DH has two teams and Puck has two teams. Did you watch New Orleans get smoked last night? My guys had a couple of Colts' players and they were very happy this morning.

Two of Puck's friends have parents that are going through divorce, so we are handling some heavy questions here at our house. One appears to be happening with the parents bending over backwards to make things OK for the kids. The other is horribly acrimonious, one of the parents is angry and vindictive and the kids are taking the brunt of her anger. It makes my boy very sad for his friend.

Everyone gets extra hugs at my house tonight.

My goodness, are those all recent yarn acquisitions?! You are going to be buried in sweaters!! ;)
Pets are very sensitive to changes in their family.If I don't pay enough attention to Bert he moans around the house and has actually learned to cry :"Ma - Ma". It pretty spooky to wake up in the middle of the night to a "child" crying MaMa when you're supposedly alone!
Poor puppy! I hope he adjusts soon. But I'll bet he's overjoyed when the boys get home again.

Say, where is the Battle of the Bands? Hockeyboy is an avid guitar player and might enjoy seeing it.
Oohhh, for sad puppy. :(

Araucania NW-- I just love the stuff, don't you? Beautiful workhorse wool- great sweaters/blankets- and felts beautifully, too. There have been fantastic sales for the last year for this. It makes me worry-- discontinued-yarn-to-be???
Sad dog! We have one here too. I'm just not nearly entertaining enough. But oh, the peace and quiet...
Poor doggy! Labs are so sweet.

Love the new yarn haul. I'm itching to get going on some sweaters too.
Poor pup! Loving all that new yarn. I drool over Ysolde's patterns too. :-)
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