Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Just as my sock yarn clubs are winding down (my last Yarntini shipment was sent today), my new club kicked in. This is my yarn from the Woolgirl.com sock yarn club. There's a very cute pattern, the beautiful yarn (Miss Babs Sportweight in the Waterfall colorway), a Sock Knitter's Journal with a pen, and you can't see it in this photo but there's a lovely stitchmarker made with a crystal. It's hanging off of the pen. Sorry about the photo quality - the Minnesota weather is not cooperating today with any sort of sunshine to brighten the photos. Woolgirl just got the Lobster Pot in stock and I'm shopping for a lace yarn. I'm going give one of those KAL's a try, just to challenge myself.

This was my practice for the lace:


Here is my FO - another poor photo! This is my Cables and Arches scarf knit from Apple Laine Apple Pie. Here's a mirror photo: - best I could do in my sleepy state this morning. And if you saw me last with a great long ponytail back there - yes - I cut it all off.

I've received some lovely books this week, some knitting-related and some not, I'll give you a mini review later this week. In the meantime I've been watching David Tennant in Casanova on YouTube and I started the first season of Six Feet Under this week.

I am starting the I-cord for my Leafy Cardigan this morning - I hope to have another FO before the week is out. Sitting next to me on my desk waiting to be cast on: Cardigan for Arwen in Berroco Ultra, Snow White and my Pure Cricosaura's in Yarntini. One at a time, I'm hoping. I may just cover each one in a separate post - more fodder for the mill. In the meantime, the treadmill is calling.

Ooh, pretty yarns! And that scarf looks lovely (and so does your hair).

Which sock club have you liked the best? I'm liking Wool Girl--will she continue the club, do you know?
very nice scarf, very sleepy hair, very ambitious program!
Oh, and I admire the Woolgirl things - a real blue!
Beautiful lace, and I love that blue yarn!
I love the haircut! Very cute. Mine is so straight and boring.

SOCK CLUB! I just about died when I got that package! It's just such fun. I'll certainly try to include myself on the next one.

Scarves look great. I haven't tried lace yet, but here is a certain shall I'd like to try. It would take years.
The scarf is lovely! Boy, you have to be the Queen of Sock Clubs. :)
That lace looks pretty darn good for practice lace. Well done!
Cute haircut! (never seen before, of course.)

I just love the blue colorway of your new sock kit.
Oh my gosh - YOU CUT YOUR HAIR!!!!!!
2 things - just how many sock clubs do you belong to!?!
cute hair - looks like it may be a wash and wear style. Those are the best hair cuts! I hate to fuss.
So, are you on a first name basis with the UPS guy, what with all those deliveries!? I do like the blue - very clear - but I think I am sock yarned out. Do you ever enter your socks, etc., in the state fair?

And what's with David T. as Casanova? He's the geeky doctor, not the sexy one!
Pretty scarf! :)
The Woolgirl looks nice. Sometimes cutting off hair can be so much fun. I like the short cut.
Personally, I love the Cardigan for Arwen! I can't wait for an update.

The scarf is just lovely. But it looks more like Hockeyboy's team colors than Puck's ;-D.
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