Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Goodbye Little Kitty

We finally reached a battle we couldn't win. Severe Renal Failure shouldn't be a surprise I guess, if you are the equivalent of 92 years old. You've been a good friend, Hooter Bear (and I am sorry I let my husband give you that silly name, but it seemed to work). I am sure there are ferocious chipmunks and mice to battle, and large sunbeams to stretch out in where you are going. I wish I had been able to give you catnip and cantelope every day, but I tried. All that seems to be left of you is your purr, and I am so reluctant to let that go. I will miss you every day, little kitty.
Be at peace.

Oh more sadness! Good bye Hooter Bear. You lived a long and happy life with people who loved you very much.

Take care Guinifer and family.
Oh, very sorry to hear this!
I'm so so sorry! Goodbye, kitty dear!
From all of us here, peace to HB and hugs and licks to the family of a precious little kitty.
I'm so sorry. I'm she had a wonderful life, in spite of the name.
I'm so sorry! How sad! it's so hard to lose a well-loved pet, no matter how old or sickly. All our good wishes to you.
:( My best.
*sniff* Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. But I'm glad she had such a long and wonderful life with you and your family.
No, I was expecting it after I read the symptoms. I have put Freddiecat wise to take care of HB these first days in her afterlife. He knows how she feels, he had the same.
I think of you all. The house can be so empty....
I'm so sorry for your loss!
I am so sorry. We lost our little Smokey last year. She my first house pet and I miss her so. It's extremely hard to lose a pet..
my farewell to Smokey the cat
So sorry to hear of your loss - we have 2 cats that are almost 15 years old - it is never easy.
Hugs and lots of them. But at least she left you with good memories.
So sorry to hear this news. RIP little kitty.
My heart goes out to you. Take care.
Oh, I am SO sorry to hear your news. I went thru kitty loss twice the past five years and it is tough. Let the tears come and take time to remember all the special kitty times you shared.
I'm so sorry to read the sad news. I'll be thinking of you guys...
I'm so sorry for your loss
Oh dear, I'm so sorry! Poor Hooter Bear. Kidney failure is such a sad thing, we've lost three cats to it over the years.

May her memory bring you comfort.
Oh, Guinifer! I am so sorry to hear about your loss.
So sad to hear about your loss. My husband's family had a tough little Bear cat, too, who finally just faded away to nothing. The rooms always seemed too empty fo a long time . . .
I'm so sorry.
I was sorry to read the news. It's so sad, but at the same time it makes the years we spend with our beloved furbabies all the more special.
I am so sorry to hear that HB has passed! I know exactly how it feels to let such a vital part of the family go.

My prayers are with you!!!
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