Sunday, September 23, 2007


I am so looking forward to this sweater being finished(I am 1/3 through it). I am loving the look of the cables; I can hardly wait to wear it. Of course, that has nothing to do with this pattern that I spied in the new WEBS catalog. The Olive Branch Yoga Hoodie - $1.49 via PDF download! I have so many sweaters on my "Wish List" - I can only hope to get a fraction of them finished.

We had a gorgeous weekend here - although it was a tad humid here for me today. It was a gorgeous day for football on Saturday - too bad we had such a mixed weekend. Puck's team played on Thursday for an awe-inspiring victory. Honestly, these kids were on a mission. Mostly because some boys on the other team had been "trash talking" them in a particularly nasty way all week long. However, the boys met their match on Saturday. They got beat by one touchdown. One nice thing we saw however, the "trash talking" team showed up to cheer our boys on! I love eleven year old boys so much, at least the boys that are Puck's teammates. Most of them are about the team, not the win, it's really nice to see (although, don't get me wrong, they certainly LOVE the win).

Tomorrow: Sock Yarn Clubs!

it's beautiful what you are knitting and I do love the Olive Branch Yoga Hoodie (colour and name especially, and then the pattern :-)
Oh, Arwen is looking wonderful!!

Yeah, the humidity yesterday was a bit much for me, too.
Wow - that looks a lot like Rogue (my personal favorite). Yours is gorgeous. Good for your boys for not srooping so low as to TT the other team too!
That hoodie caught my eye too - love the back detail. It looks like the hood just curls under, though, so if I made it, I'd definitely have to do something about that.
I spotted the Olive Branch hoodie too. But I haven't started Arwen yet!
The sweater is turning out really nice. And you are knitting it up fast. Sock clubs!!! You are an enabler!!!
Loving those cables!!
Thanks for the enabling!! Will have to add this to the list - your Arwen looks great!
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