Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Well, doesn't life just seem to get in the way?

Sock Club Post is still coming, but I've had a few things pop up that are requiring attention. I'm having to shop for and negotiate a deal for a new car - mine (a lease) gets turned in on 10/1 and the deal I thought I had for a new vehicle fell through and now I'm having to hunt one down.

Then, I took Kona in to the vet yesterday to check a "thing" on his nose and the Doctor took a needle biopsy and didn't like what she saw. Long story short, our puppy is at the vet this morning having the "thing" removed and biopsied, he is under anesthesia because of the location of the growth. The vet did not want to say the "C" word, but I could tell she was very concerned (note the swiftness of the biopsy.) Please, cross your fingers, my little family would be devastated by another pet loss.

Last, but not least, Knittymama (our lovely Coffee Swap Hostess), is having a contest. Make a donation to Sow the Seeds supporting our recently devastated Southern Wisconsin/Minnesota Organic farmers, and get your name put in the "hat" for some lovely prizes. See all the details here. The contest ends 9/29 and she's trying to reach $300 - not such a lofty goal! Now, back to that Sock Yarn Club post....

Oh no...warm, warm, warm thoughts going to your dog.
Fingers crossed for good results from Kona's procedure!
Here's hoping everything is OK with Kona. We had the same situation happen with Casey, the vet completely freaked me out and told me it was cancer and it ended up to be nothing of concern. Good luck Kona.
Oh darn...if it's not one thing...I'll keep my fingers crossed for Kona.
Chief & Bert send hugs to Kona! (I send hugs to you)
I'll keep my fingers crossed and my thoughts positive for Kona and for you all...
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