Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hooter-Bear and I say "Aaaaaah."

The kids have gone back to school and that means we get the house (the much neater house) all to ourselves. That means a little more posting and a lot more knitting. I might even get to cook some real meals once in a while!

HB is a very crotchety old lady - she has been with me since 1988. She's a little bitty old bag of bones right now. She stalks around the bedroom and yells at us and then walks on our heads purring all night. She's old as the hills and healthy as she can be. My husband cannot believe she is still alive. She may outlive us both.

The weekend at the cabin was lovely, and I did get some knitting done, but not a lot. The weather was fantastic and I had some lovely early morning walks (I get up around 6:30 and go for a three mile walk and commune with the wildlife - a doe and her two yearlings stood at the end of my driveway every morning this weekend. My send-off committee?) My SIL came up from Stillwater on Saturday and my little stroll pales in comparison to her 18 mile run. Sheesh. She's running the TC Marathon in a couple of weeks.
The Leafy Cardigan is inching along. Endless stockinette - I can do this in the dark, but sometimes I just don't want to.
I love this sock! This is my "Slightly Bruised Mary" (Bloody Mary Socks (PDF file) from over at I May Be Knitting a Ranch House). I love this yarn, it's got a very slight sheen to it, and the colors are so lovely. Cherry Blossom Fibers

wow! that sure is a very old lady!! My first cat Tula reached the age of 18 (with only 3 legs) and Freddiecat died at 17.
Nice socks. I have to say that I can enjoy plain stockinette very much. The mistake rate is so much smaller :-)
We had two cats that lived to be 18+. Love the sock. And yea - it's quiet here too!!!
Isn't the solitude BLISSFUL??? I love my kids, but...
I love the purple and brown together - they look fantastic! Good choice of pattern for that yarn, too.
Wow, she is a grand old lady indeed!

I love that sock, too.
Well I am sure that H-B is happy to have the quiet again. She needs her rest. And you managed to get a fair bit done regardless. I wonder if the boys could learn to cook and give up sports?
Awww...HB does look like she might outlive you. The Leafy Cardigan looks good, and I love the way the socks turned out.
HB sounds like Frank (my brother named HER)Frank was a very vocal old lady that lived to be 23 years.
Nice thing about old cats - they love to snuggle!
H-B deserves her peace and quiet! What a fine old lady. The leafy cardigan looks great and the socks too, slightly bruised or not.
Must check out that sock pattern, I like how it looks with the color/yarn you're using.

Heres to lots of knitting and quiet time with H-B. : )
Such a sweet face! Long-lived cats are testimony to great owners.

Looks like plenty of progress to me. And I envy your peace and quiet. The beginning of school for us results in a messier, crazier household. Oi!
First of all, a PDF file on your blog! Wow. Go Techno!

Love the sock and especially love the vision of the quiet house with the kitty (and somewhere, the dog).

Your cabin sounds heavenly and peaceful.

Thanks for the "recipe".
It's the "new car/back to school" tidyness that always gets to me - I still don't understand why The Teens just walk around the junk. So I love this time of year!
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