Thursday, September 20, 2007

Anybody know a good plumber?

Sheesh. The kids shower/tub started leaking this morning - yuk. Well this kind of thing always leads to cleaner closets at my house.

Let's see, shall we start with FO's? I am so proud of myself - I have been really productive this last week.

Cropped Cardigan with leaf ties by Stefanie Japel

I started this in July and I finished the last little leaf yesterday. I am giving this to my SIL for her birthday in November. I used six skeins of Rowan Calmer (actually 5 1/64), I have almost an entire skein remaining. This was a really easy knit - and oh so soft. (I haven't blocked it yet, but I am not imagining that to be terribly labor intensive endeavor.)

Then, last night, I cast on this:

This is Berocco Ultra Alpaca in a spicey-brown color. It is going to be very comfy and cozy because this one is for me!

Then, I pulled this from my stash. This is Blue Sky Alpacas Sport Weight and I am going to knit their Hooded Pullover out of this - I think my little sis might like this for her birthday.Earlier this week I received a few lovely packages, one was a gift and one from the VK Book Club.

This, was a "feel better" gift from Bert and Chief and their buddy Jill. Isn't this sweet? It made me feel better right away.
And this? Well this made me feel better too. This looks to be an awesome idea source.

Puck's got a football game at the EP Dome tonight - yay, rah! Go Black! I might even try to take a picture or two.

Now I have to go and reinstall itunes. For some reason it's telling me that I am missing some files. *sigh*

(You have WAY too many letters in you verification). You finished cardigan is adorable. My neigbor Julie fixed her own leaky shower but I don't think she makes house calls - sorry!!
The cardigan is lovely. You and I have similar taste. I was contemplating Arwen on Tuesday evening. As for the plumber, I am absolutely in love with Angie's List. (
Pretty sweater! Arwen is on my to-do list, too. :)
The new projects look nice. I am going to have to check out the Blue Sky pattern. I like that sweater.

But did you clean out the closets or did the boys? And how much disappeared in the cleaning?
I was half skimming your post when you wrote this "Then, last night, I cast on this:" But - YOU'VE GOT KNITPICKS NEEDLES! - Cool! How do you like them? After the excitement of seeing the needles in action I checked out Arwen. Looks like a great sweater.
Oh, you just found something to show off your Knit Picks needles ;-)) Nice Japel cardi!
Cool! Love the cardigan and the new one will be nice for winter.

Go Eagles! (is that the right mascot?) I used to teach Kindergarten there . . . I should know this!
The leaf cardigan is just beautiful! It will be a very lovely gift for you SIL. I love Rowan Calmer and that's a beautiful color.

You will have to review the VK Sock book and tell us how you like it.

Sorry about the leak in the kids' bathroom. I've had my share of leaks around here lately. This morning it was box wine which leaked all over the 'frig. But at least I know have the cleanest refrigerator in town. And some very fat and squishy wine soaked lemons looking for a pitcher of sangria.

Hope you survived the storms this evening.
What great books! You have some wonderful friends.

How'd Puck's football game turn out?
Oh yeah. Great looking cardigan! Also like the patterns you have chosen for upcoming projects.

BTW, when iTunes updated last, my podcast receiver went crazy and downloaded podcasts but did not put them into iTunes. From what I can glean here and there on tech spots, iTunes updates caused havoc with other podcast receivers. Not sure it's right yet.
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