Tuesday, September 11, 2007

No news.

ETA: I think Deb says it well: Here.

We are waiting on the results of a fortune's worth of blood tests. HB has been happily munching on tuna this morning. I expect to hear from the Vet later this morning.

On a lighter (more enabling) note, have you seen these?

My buddy Yvonne in Amsterdam emailed me yesterday and wanted to know if I would allow her to ship a Knitpicks order to my house to be forwarded to her (since KP does not ship to the Netherlands at this time). Hmmmm, I said sure, can you throw a little somethin'-somethin' on there for me - like these?

I had her order three sizes (I already have the metal versions so I didn't need the cords). I can hardly wait!!!!

I got my last C*eye*ber Fiber Sock Club Project Spectrum shipment yesterday - no photos yet - but I'll try to take a nice one this afternoon. The Woolgirl sock club is shipping this week too!

I am completely familiar with the concept of a fortune's worth of tests. Hopefully they will prove to be a waste of money because there is nothing to find. It could be she's eating the tuna because she can smell it, but can't smell anything else. Fancy Feast Elegant Medley goes over well in our house, as well as veal and lamb baby food. I've only ever found veal at Kowalski's. Lamb can be found at Lund/Byerly's.
Eating is good. We will hope HB is on the road to recovery. Of course they always wait to recover until you've committed to that fortune at the vet's.

OMG...I must have those needles! You enabler, you!
Those are pretty gorgeous needles...
Good luck with the tests and the outcome :)
I hope the tests are o.k.

The needles are certainly trippy! If I still used wooden circs I'd certainly order them. :)
We aren't enablers! We are personal shopping assistants! :D *fingers crossed for HB*
Funky cool needles!!
Wishing all went more than well.
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