Friday, September 14, 2007

Little Less Soggy Today.

After four days of fairly regular sobbing, I really need to stick my head back out and check on the weather. Looks like sweater weather to me?

Hey, I have an FO! (and really, I should have two more in very short order!)

My Blood Mary Socks! (I've linked it before, but it's here. See the sidebar.)

The yarn is Cherry Blossom Fibers Hand-dyed Superwash merino - - the colorway is Raspberry Truffle mini-striping. I used 98% of the 360 yards in the skein. This pattern took me a little longer than my usual sock, but I am sure I will be wearing them a ton with my new Keen clogs! (Yay Zappos! WHAT? I don't JUST enable knitting supplies purchasing, you know!)
This came on Monday, but I was too sad to yap about pretty new yarn. Seriously, this is my last shipment from the C*eye*ber Fiber Project Spectrum Sock Yarn Club and I have to say, this is my very favorite! It is Project Spectrum, but, could it be any more of a Vikings Football colorway?

My DH has been asking for a "spare" dog to pair with Kona for hunting and now we have an empty spot in our house, seems like we might be filling it right back up. This handsome stud
has been bred with this lovely bitch, and we have put in a request for a young man from this litter. Perhaps coming home at the end of January? I dread the potty training, but it'll be fun to have a little guy in the house.

I'm so sorry about your kitty. It's so hard to lose those little furry bundles of love. I've found that after the initial heartbreak, the great memories are very comforting, though.

Good luck with the new puppy. I trained my dog Finbar in the coldest January on record back in '96 and it was not fun. I remember standing outside in the cold air while he was sniffing around for JUST the right place to pee. It's not rocket science, dog!! Good thing they are so very, very cute!!

I very much covet your new Ceyeber Fiber yarn, too!
Love the little acorn cut-outs in your blockers!

I know you're interested in a puppy- but I know a sweet 4 yr. old chocolate lab that may need a new home. He's a sweetheart... and fears the sound of gunshots. (re: NOT a hunting dog)
I've been crying for no reason at all for the past two weeks! Plus, yesterday, I reserved a kitty because I really want another dog. I think I'm more out of whack than you are honey! Did you get my e-mail yesterday??
Glad to see you're able to get back to a little bit of "normal". I was usually fine unless someone triesd to be nice to me - then the water fall started all over again. Go out and enjoy the fall weather we're having and take it one step at a time.
I am so sorry about your kitty. 18 (19?) is a lot of years for a cat, but that doesn't make it any easier, does it?
The socks look amazing!!!! I think that dog would be gorgeous looking at who his parents are. Happy knitting with that "Viking" sock yarn.
Glad you are feeling better. It definitely is sweater weather isn't it?

I don't think potty training in the winter is so bad. I trained my first Pembroke almost 30 years ago in January while living in Alaska. I took her to the same spot each time and used the same phrase "Go outside". I made her do this before I would throw a ball or play any games with her or even take her for a walk. She learned quickly and I only had to clean up one spot in the yard :) I should do that these days!

Such nice working pedigrees, especially on the bitch. I bet the new puppy would be a super hunting companion for your husband.
O dear...19 years together, that's quite something. A long relationship. Reason enough to grief.
I'm sorry for your loss. It's a hard thing, this I know we lost our 19 year old kitty about a year ago. It will take some time for the pain to ease, even if you get another pet. Take care.
The socks look great. It's finally time to wear the wool socks again.
:( So, so sad for you...

The socks are completely lovely.
Such a sweet little kitten...

Socks look great. Will need your address for "pay it forward"! :-)
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