Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sock Yarn Clubs!

So, someone asked me how many Sock Yarn Clubs I belonged to. The answer? A few.

Rockin' Sock Club
It all started back when BMFA opened the (I think) second round of their Rockin' Sock Club. I stalked the website and pounced when it opened. Now, in my book, ANY BMFA sock yarn is fine with me - there's hardly a colorway I don't like. I've only used one of my club skeins to knit up so far (Monsoon), but I've not used any of the patterns they've sent. I really don't like toe up, and one was just too fussy for my tastes.

So, that being said, here are the two regular sock yarn colorways Flower Power and Firebird.

This is the skein of Silkie that we got. This is a really lovely yarn - I may make something besides socks with this. Would I join this club again? I'd like to pay less and just get the yarn (no patterns, etc.) Answer: Maybe

C*eye*ber Fiber Project Spectrum Sock Yarn Club

There were lots of Sock Yarn Clubs all starting up around the same time - I thought two would be the perfect number - and keep me in pressies at the mailbox during the "Great Yarn Fast of 07". I joined the C*eye*ber Fiber Project Spectrum Sock Yarn Club because I'd decided to try and participate in Project Spectrum and this would be my solution! The top photo shows that I actually have knit with some of the sock yarns I've received (the red/black pair of socks).

I felt like her communication was not great and it always took a really long time to get the yarn after she emailed that the packages went out. I love her colorways - they're really nice. I'm not wild about her base yarn. Would I join this club again? Answer: Probably not. I will however probably check out some of her other base yarns because I do like her colors.
Pureknits/Yarntini Sock Yarn Club

Well, I thought two would be the perfect number, and then I got the email about the Yarntini club. Seriously? Hello? Yarntini!! I stalk this stuff. The Yarntini Sock Yarn Club was the spendiest of the three clubs that I joined, one after the other. However, this photo does not show EVERYTHING I received in this club. There were also a set of Stitchkeepers and a sock knitting book and a pair of Rosewood dpn's. I love Yarntini yarns and the extras were just a bonus. The Cricosaurus are the next pair of socks to be cast on. Gotta love that green! Would I join again? Most definitely!
(Edited to correct items received!) Sock Club

I don't think either photo does true justice to the color of this yarn - but if you check the Club Blog, you may see better representations.

I joined this club after my yarn fast was finished because I knew two of my three clubs were ending in August. This is my first shipment from this sock club and I am very satisfied with the quantity and quality of the first shipment. I really like Jennifer, the owner of Woolgirl. She is working really hard and has all sorts of really interesting yarns at her store. Would I join again? Probably, yes.

Kona is home and seems to be in some pain and more than a little mental anguish. Seriously, labs are so sensitive! At least we have pain meds for the physical pain. The biopsy sample has been sent to the Histiopath and the vet says we may hear by Saturday morning if we are lucky. All fingers and legs are crossed here at our house.

Good info on the sock clubs - there are so many now that it is hard to know which ones to do. I'm in STR as well - and it would be nice to payless and just get the yarn. Love the Yarntini!
Great reviews, thanks! I joined the 2nd round of Sundara and was disappointed - two of the three colorways were way too similar and the fourth was nearly solid grey. Not what I was expecting from what I'd seen of the first round.

Keeping my fingers crossed for Kona!
Thanks for the club review. I joined Mama-E's Year of the sock. So far so good.
I'm in the STR club because I love STR. I think their base yarn is truly magical and it is my very favorite of all sock yarns. I know what you mean about not loving certain base yarns. I've become pretty picky about this. The woolgirl yarn looks like the kind I like. Maybe I'll join her club if it happens again. Thanks for the tips.
Thanks for the sock club review. That was actually really helpful and interesting. I hope Yarntini starts another club. If you hear anything be sure to post it!

KONA: Labs can get run over by a truck and still wag those tails, but surgery really puts 'em through the mental ringer. Give her extra scratches from me.

RUBY: Almost went down the drain last week, but she's rallied and goes in for a geriatric check today.

stupid dogs
Very useful information about the sock clubs! Thank you for taking the time to put it together.

I also wish you luck with your dog. I will keep some needles crossed for you!
Well, I am in year 2 of the STR Club and I will probably join it again next year if the price doesn't go up. I love the yarns and the patterns even though I prefer toe up.

If you thought CyberE was bad for communications, I was gifted a spot in Sundara's Petals collection. We shall not talk about the lack of communication nor the fact that I have only received one package. My friend who gifted me this club & I are hoping that the packages arrive.

I am also in Scout's Swag which I love. And I will not be doing the Loopy Ewe one again. But I will do anything from Zen Garden.
Best of luck with the path results for your furry family member. Hopefully it's nothing to worry about.

I'm a little jealous of your sock club status! Yarntini and Woolgirl certainly seem tempting to me. I guess I'm too much of a control freak to go for one of these. I really like picking out the colors that I want when I purchase sock yarn... Still, the clubs seem like a lot of fun. (and, there's no way I could knit through all that sock yarn-- you do a much better job of this than me!)
I was in the Rockin' Sock club for the 1st year, and if I hadn't WON the second year membership, I wouldn't have rejoined. The yarn the first year was horrible...this year is much better. I agree with you on the patterns. I don't think I've used any of them.
I hope Kona starts to feel better soon.
Gosh, do keep us posted on Kona. I'm anxious to hear.

My own dogs have all come down with a virus and it's insane around here, everyone sick and coughing. So far my little puppy has not caught it but she is on antibiotics all the same.

Keeping my all my toes, fingers and needles crossed for both of our dogs.
Poor Kona. Give the furry baby some hugs from us. Although we don't own dogs, we LOVE dogs around here.

Ditto on the sock club reviews. I rarely buy "a pig in a poke", so getting some feedback definitely helps.
Thanks for all the sock club info! I'm also in the Pureknits club, and was curious about your description of what all you received. I and a local pal have received 1 sock knitting book, rather than 2. We got Cool Socks, Warm Feet in the first order, and no pattern at all with the last order. Would you be able to say what other sock knitting book you received?
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