Friday, September 28, 2007

Waiting for Phone Calls

So, I don't want to leave the house today, I am waiting for phone calls. One of them is very exciting, and the other is stretching my nerves as far as they will go.

The exciting one is the call telling me I can go pick up this:

My lovely new red Jeep! (Four doors! There's room for the tuba and football gear in there!)

The second? Is from the Vet's office with the results from the histopathologist from Kona's biopsy. Sorry there's not much to see here today, just me, waiting on phone calls.

New car - can we come smell it?
I'm drooling over the Jeep. My hubby would be so jealous, too.

Hopeful thoughts and prayers for dear Kona!

(i'm off to Florida with girlfriends!)
Oodles of good thoughts going out to Kona.
PRETTY! (Who's the tuba person at your house?)

Now - find someone with a white SUV and we can make an american flag thing (Mine is royal blue!) - sadly I always think of that when I park next to a red one.

Chief and Bert say HI to Kona
Hope the phone rang twice with positive news!
New cars are fun. Waiting for vets to call, no fun. Hope both calls come, and are good news.
I hope you had good news on Kona??
SWEEEEET! Bet the boys love it, too!
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