Friday, May 16, 2008

What Have I Been Up To?

So, I've been missing so long, one or two people might actually be wondering, "Gee, I wonder what has happened to our Errant Enabler?" Nice alliteration, huh? Well, I have come to tell you, assisted by many pictures, exactly what I have been up to!

I have been buying and mailing graduation cards to my husband's cousins' kids!

Did you know you can buy a six-pack of graduation cards? Nifty! I will be using them all.

No - we're not moving - these are the team fundraiser kits for the Youth Lacrosse program. I organized them all and packed them up, now they are ready to be distributed to the kids this week!

I am on the final fourth of this comfy little cardi:

I've been mailing out all of the video cartridges that my kids have sold on

Working on my Hippy Ripply Retro Socks - one done! See the toe peeking out of my purple bag? Another sighting of a sock toe in the wild!

I've been riding with the Teen as he practices for his driving test: think good thoughts for him this afternoon at approximately 3:40 (gulp).

This sock has been sitting on my desk taunting me to pick it up, it is feeling sadly neglected:

I've had worker-type people in my house all week. First I had the guy quoting to replace this:

This is my yucky hardwood floor that is being replaced in a couple of weeks.

Then there was a real cutie with his laser equipment measuring my counter tops to replace them in a week or so.
This is the crack in my faux-Corian counter top. We have them in multiples. It's gross - I imagine all the little germs hiding down there.

There's one more sock started in my knitting bag - a Nutkin (I love that name), no picture yet.

I had an MRI last week to determine why my back is giving me such pain. There's herniated, bulging and torn disks in my spine, but none of them seem to be directly responsible for the shooting pain in my hip and leg. Next week I get to go and see a Neurosurgeon. There is talk that a shot of steroids into my gluteal muscle will help with inflammation.

Lastly, little Ozzie has left for hunting school. He will be gone until the middle of July.

Also? Eden Prairie is playing in the Regional Playoffs tonight at Armstrong High School in both Girls and Boys Lacrosse! The guys are playing Minnetonka and I'm not sure who the girls are playing, but boy, what a double header!! Busy, busy weekend!

WOW - you have been BUSY! Sorry to hear about all of your back pain. :( Are they going to do anything for the herniated disks?!
Ouch! Best of luck as the docs figure out what's causing your leg/back pain. I hope you have relief soon!!!
You have been busy! How exciting to have another driver in the house! No, really.
Phew! I'm tired just reading that! You were missed, but checking daily for your update was painless since I was fantasizing about becoming a yarn thief and making of with your Vesper.

Take care, OZZIE!
I meant OFF, not of.

Sorry about your back pain. Hopefully that gets taken care of soon!
The cardi looks pretty and so do the socks. Those Hippy Rippleys are really colorful!
Any chance all that driving is hurting your back? Lots of driving is (literally) a pain in the tukas for me - it makes for funny walking when I finally get home. Hope you will find relief soon!

Our school just started Lacrosse as a club team - by the time Youngest Child gets there, I'll be crying for more drivers!
Glad to hear little Ozzie is doing well enough to be heading off to hunting school.
Make your Mom proud Ozzie!
Me too, I'm glad to hear Ozzie is good enough to go off to school!

Whoa! A teenager driver! So tells us, how did he do? I think as a mom I'd be very scared.

Good luck to Teen and Ozzie.
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