Tuesday, May 27, 2008

All Right, One FO.

But it's so SOFT.

I liked that Nutkin pattern so much, I just used a bigger needle to make it lacier.

Now, I know I won't be wearing this until Football season, but it's so soft!

Pattern: My adaptation of the Nutkin pattern over 120 stitches Yarn: Handmaiden Cashmere and Silk in Sangria Needles: Denise Circulars US 8 Started: May 18, 2008 Completed: May 26, 2008. Note: Did I mention this stuff is soft?

I did finish one of the Nutkin socks, but I thought I'd try to finish off my Hareton sock before I cast on the second Nutkin. I'm going to cast on the Arch-Shaped Socks next, perhaps I can find a manly color in my stash.

The EPHS Boys and Girls Lacrosse had the State Championship denied this year. The girls lost their first game in almost three years, and the boys took second place for the second year in a row. I think the girls were really astonished to be defeated. The boys, however, achieved much more than was expected of them. They are a young team with very few graduating Seniors, so I see a bright future for them.

Tonight, Puck's Youth Lacrosse team has their first game, so I am on my way to sideline duty. The Teen's Freshman/Sophomore team has a playoff game on Thursday - more sideline duty! Gotta run!

That is completely gorgeous! Wow. And soft, too? Mmmm...
Very pretty, both pattern and color! And you might have worn it yesterday, it was so cold.
Looks fantastic! The color is so pretty & really compliments the pattern. If this crazy weather holds up I don't think you'll need to wait until football season to wear it either.
Oh my! That Nutkin pattern is fabulous! What will that be? The color is so warm.

We're pulling off dead ticks off the pup. (Frontline is doing it's job) I. HATE. TICKS! I have yet to find one on me (knock on wood).
Yum! Cashmere!!! Love that color, too.
Oh, I want a computer with a touch-and-feel-button... lovely colour and are you sure it is soft?
Gorgeous - and it looks so soft...so nice....
Oh pretty! I want one!
Very pretty!
That looks very hockey-worthy as well.

Well done to both lacrosse teams. Second place is fantastic.

Go, Puck!
That's a gorgeous cowl! It looks really, really comfy and warm... I must knit a cowl now!
That is beautiful - I think using the larger needle was a great idea. I really would prefer to not have a scarf this year waiting for the bus so I'm thinking I may have to add this to my project list on Ravelry.

I'm sorry I havent' been by for awhile, life has just been really busy. I have to figure out how you have so much energy!

Take care,
Oh wow. That is really beautiful. I love the pattern and the yarn.
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