Friday, May 23, 2008


So yesterday I was in the salon where I regularly get my hair cut. Four adult women stood behind the reception counter trying to decide how to spell "vacuum". The receptionist's spell check was marking anything she entered as incorrect. No dictionary, no internet (really? on both counts, really?) I piped up and told them the correct spelling. None of them believed me. They proceeded to ask every client that came in the door. One by one, the customers gave these women the same answer (same as mine), they only believed the man. Sigh.

Hippy Ripply Socks:

Pattern: Hippy Ripply Retro Socks by Helen Darmara (that is a link to her website where she has posted the corrected pattern) Yarn: Vesper Self-Striping in Tainted Love Needles: Knitpick's Harmony US 1 / 2.25 mm. Started: May 3, 2008 Completed: May 22, 2008. Note: This is only my second toe-up sock and I found this pattern particularly hard to follow. Evidently there were a few errors (chart did not match written instructions). I really just improvised and was relatively happy with the finished product. The top was a picot cast-off and I think I would go for a ribbed cuff next time because the cast-off doesn't match the pattern (in my opinion.) Also? These are totally Witchie-Poo socks. I LOVE the base on this Vesper - a little slippier than some of her others - these socks will be yummy to wear. Mods: I changed the heel to a garter short row - I was having enough difficulty with the pattern so I just decided to make it easy on myself. AND, I was pretty happy I was able to match the stripes up.

Cabin time this weekend. I plan to have some FO's on Tuesday.

ALSO? The EP Boys LAX team made it to the Finals. They beat Eastview in an awesome defensive victory! They are going to need every skill they have to win tonight, so GO EP! The game is at 8:00 at Wayzata. (The girls got beat for the first time in TWO YEARS last night! 10-11 in OT against Blake!) Lacrosse is a fast-moving interesting game, play strategy is more like a combination of basketball and hockey (with almost no physical contact in the girls' version - girls' LAX is truly a game of finesse and speed). If you are anywhere near the Wayzata High School stadium, stop by for an excellent example of well-played Lacrosse, these two teams have a few players who could play in the East Coast leagues.

I'm not surprised that the word was vacuum.
Whoa. Those socks are CRAZY!!

Good luck to EP tonight and have fun at the cabin this weekend!
Go EP - which is saying a lot from this Wayzata girl! Have a great time at the cabin.
I will have to keep my LAX alliances private here on the internets - but suffice it to say our conference and yours are quite different and we are most decidedly done for the year. So I guess I can say Go EP!
Have a good time at the cabin!
the double "u" is confusing - I have to say. It's always frustrating when people pass over your judgement, especially when there is more than perceived prejudice...

Have a great weekend!!!
haha! I cannot for the life of me ever spell that word. :) I know how to spell it if I think about it, but when ever I write it on my to do list, it comes out vaccuum. :D

Beautiful socks! Makes me want to knit up my vesper I have in the stash. (Don't look. I have way too much vesper)
Witchie poo socks. I love it.

Have a fun weekend knitting at the cabin!

Vacuum is a peculiar word to spell but to disbelieve you? That would tick me off.
Guinifer--tag, you're it! Playing a little game on my blog...take a peek. I hope you'll play. :)

Hope you had a great weekend with the family!
That's why you are not working where they work...:-)
Nice sock! little bit wild...
vacume, vaquem, vakume . . . how about dust-buster.

The socks turned out very nicely! They striped up well with that pattern.

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