Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Children Are Out for Revenge...

The Teen left the gate open on Monday night and Kona got into the rec room that contains 80 gazillion Lego pieces and the garbage from the Teen's weekend takeout. So Tuesday afternoon Kona threw up the remains of 4 wooden Teriyaki Chicken Skewers and a couple of flattened pennies from the zoo. The wooden skewers were the scary part - they looked like a handful of toothpicks, very sharp toothpicks. So guess what - Kona made his SECOND trip to the Emergency Vet for stomach X-rays and induced emesis.

Then, Puck brought me his new laptop (that he purchased with the proceeds of a years allowance, birthday money and the sale of his old video games) - he changed the password and made a typo and he couldn't re-create the password. I nearly cried. Eight hours later, I had re-loaded the original software onto the computer and I crawled into bed around 2 am.

ETA: The Teen's birthday gift was a subsidized purchase of a new cell phone - he hasn't even finished paying for his half - the phone came home yesterday with broken pixellated touchscreen. Luckily we made him pay for insurance. Sheesh.

Today, the sun is shining and my knitting looks all pretty sitting on my desk waiting for me to pick it up.

(Seriously? The latest recorded snowfall in Minnesota was May 26?) I'm taking my mom out for a belated Mother's Day lunch, going to watch the Teen play Lacrosse this evening, and then we are going to watch the Varsity battle for a spot in the State Finals.

Also? Wishes for a speedy recovery Senator Kennedy.

Can't we just keep them at 11? I like 11. It's a good age. Feed 'em and forget 'em!
Whew! You need a vacation. :) Hmm, I was sure International Falls must've had snow into June... The latest snowfall I remember was third week of May in 1988 - I lived in Rochester and we got a foot overnight. It was 70F the next day.
Remember when you were warned about "how fast they grow up"...are you with me & secretly wishing they'd grow up just a little faster now that they're grimy teenagers? Is it wrong that I've investigated the time it would take to make a paper chain to count down the days until Gameboy is no longer legally my responsibility? Shhh- don't tell one me ;)
totally forgot to add this:

***tongue inserted firmly into cheek**

I wonder if that was my subconscious typing?!
Poor Kona. Maybe he just likes the emergency vet?
Only a mother of a teen can say this. "I totally understand."

I am one of those mothers.

Sending you and Kona hugs and prayers. And remember this too shall pass.....then one day we will laugh at it all.
Please oh please keep the dogs and the teens away from the knitting and the weather!
Oh that dog! I continue to be amazed at what a lab will eat (and survive). Leaves of rhubarb, pound of fudge, socks, 5 pound bag of dog food, chicken carcass, box of crayons - nothing is safe.

Good luck to the Varsity players!
I hope you had a good Mother's Day. You deserved it.
Hmm. It sounds as if the only way to survive teenagers is to move out and not come back until they're done destroying everything.
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