Sunday, May 18, 2008

No Teen Drivers Here!

Heck, he didn't even get to take the test - poor kid. Time to go and we couldn't find the SS#, and then the proof of insurance went missing. Sheesh. You'd think his mom was trying to sabotage him or something! Drivers license test has been re-scheduled for June 13. Hmm. Friday the 13th. What am I, nuts?

I am however, inordinately proud of this crew. Now, my son does not play Varsity Lacrosse, he's on the Freshman/Sophomore team (and they're doin' just fine, thanks, their playoffs are after Memorial Weekend).

Anyway, I've been watching most of these boys play through the Club system over the last five years so I was really excited to go watch them play Minnetonka in the Regional Championship game last Friday. Seriously, I was so adrenalin (sp?) pumped by the end of this game I couldn't stop shaking to text my husband! Eden Prairie won the game 11-10 against the #1 seeded team in the playoffs.

Now they play Eastview in the State Championship Semi-Finals at 8:00 on Wednesday at Hopkins High School. Eastview has only lost one game all season (Blake!), so it's going to be another nail-biter!

So, what have I been knitting? Well, here is that Nutkin I was telling you about. This sock makes me very happy.

The latest package from The Loopy Ewe (spent a gift certificate!) Some Pattern Tamers and some Hand Maiden in Seafoam.

I really did not try to coordinate my order - I must've just been feeling the green that day.

Also? LOVE David Cook! We've downloaded every song he has on iTunes. Archuleta'sa cutie, but he's a little scary.

Congrats to that varsity team!

Hee hee - I failed my first driving test. It was doomed from the minute the tester showed up to get in the car. He was this big, brawny guy with a buzz cut, wearing a military style overcoat, and his name was "Spike." WTF?!
The first driver's test/license is rather unnerving for for child and parent, for many reasons.

Love the Nutkin and your new green yarn. Can't wait to see that knit up.
Oooh, that seafoam is purty!!
There's a lot of chatter @ Nutkins spiraling. Looks like yours isn't, though! :)
Lovely Seafoam. Will listen to David Cook in the weekend. To tired now.
I do believe you are trying to sabotage Teen's driving test. The whole thing is highly suspicious.
Hah, at least your son has a permit. My 15yo is still waiting for that.

Congrats to EP - sounds like they whomped us on their way to regionals.
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