Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wooden Floors, Counter Tops and Carpet, OH MY!

What do you think? I'm torn between the green and the brown for the Sun Porch. The floor is Tigerwood - I just really love the color. Anything is better than the hot mess my kitchen is right now.

This is a table I found at Crate and Barrel - It seats up to eight. I'm trying to decide if I want benches for the long sides and chairs for the ends or all chairs (then it would only seat six). We have a more formal dining room (this is for the kitchen), so the benches would be okay, but I'm afraid DH may not like that idea....
The website actually shows this table with wicker chairs, but no way, no how are wicker chairs gonna survive in this house of dogs, boys and madness.

(Shhh - I'm getting new stainless appliances too since my oven has given up the ghost and the icemaker ceased working - woo hoo! Hello debt! Just kidding - property tax refund/rebate because of the property value hit we took for the water intrusion damage to our house.)

Knitting Progress - I am on the home stretch on my Snowdrop sock and turning the heel on my second Waterfall sock so I should have some FO's in the next day or two. Also, some of that pretty, pretty yarn I was talking about is coming up soon!

I like the green for the carpet. I could just see Gizmo white hair all over the brown. How exciting about your kitchen. Do we get before and after photos????
I like the green, yet from a practical standpoint (kids and dogs), would brown make more sense? Both are really nice.

I'm still loving the video from yesterday. I did indeed wake up today thinking, I love tornadoes, I love arachnids.
Brown carpet, benches, and a case of Barkeeper's Friend (for the stanless appliances - from one who knows!) Any more decisions?
I like the brown best; it would be cozy. But if your porch is on the small side, then my vote is for the green. To me, benches are not as easy to move around as chairs (for cleaning and straightening up). And the size of the table really determines the seating capacity because of how many places it will comfortably hold, so you could theoretically seat only 3 on each long side. (Unless the dishes and the diners were both rather small, which could be the case with a group of children.)

Sorry, didn't mean to write a tome.
It's always fun to plan house stuff. I just hate the mess and intrusion when it goes in!

Love the countertop sample. Really like the green carpet, but brown is probably more practical.

Also, benches become uncomfortable for longer meals... I'd pick chairs, but that's just me.
I love that color green so I'm going to be biased. I'm not a huge brown person.
I like the brown carpet! Hmm, benches are usually sort of annoying in practice... there a direct link to the muddy outdoors into your sun porch? Then definitely brown, although I prefer the green. The tile is really lovely. I'm not sure benches would be much fun if it's the table you are going to eat at every day.
I'm always for green!

I think I've decided that boys and dogs don't mix with any furniture. I'm ready to just have a bunch of pillows on the floor and that's it...
Oh, those decisions make my head spin.

I'd say brown to hide the dirt, but then I'd say I don't want the dirt to hide, so I say green. Plus, green will brighten up a sunny warm room.

How are the pups?
I'm not sure I could pick between two such great colors. But I love the countertop. I'm seriously wanting to redo a few things in our kitchen, countertops being #1 on the list.

How delightful it will be when finished. BTW, sorry you won't make to Shepherds Harvest this year. I'll spend a little in memory of you.
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