Monday, February 12, 2007

Okay, so you know how it's still really cold outside? (This is my living room in all it's backlit glory; sans window.)

Well, now it's really cold inside. I hardly know what to do , it's 48 freakin' degrees in my house. They did all the re-framing, then they covered it with a sheet of plastic and went to lunch . People, it is 48 FREAKING DEGREES in my house, and they went to lunch!

So that you all can see the difference. On the left: Lisa Souza's new Merino Hardtwist in Little Devil and on the right: Lisa Souza's Sock! (75/25 Merino/Nylon) in Marsquake. So you can see the difference in the twist of the two yarns.

Love & Kisses People.

Ummm....well, I suppose they have got to eat, they realize that you are LIVING there while they are working? That yarn looks truely yummy.
They are so used to working int he cold, they probably think 48 degrees is warm. I hope they fix it up better before leaving for the day with your weather forecast.

Let me know what you think of the yarn when you get around to knitting it up.
And I suppose you can't exactly go to a coffeeshop since your house is OPEN TO THE WORLD. I hope they got it closed up!
Interesting about the two LS yarns... I rather like the one on the left myself. I still have to get my sticky hands on some, though. And, do you mean the workers didn't at least bring you back some HOT coffee?? :)
Brrrr, I hope they came back and finished the job!
Lovely LS yarn. It looks as though the skein on the left has a bit more orange in it.
Is your window closed again? Beautiful even looks soft!
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