Sunday, November 11, 2007

NaKniSweMo Weekend Progress:

This is the body of Snow White.
No, I did not murder a fairytale character. For this sweater you just knit a really long tube and then you stop. Then you start knitting two more, skinnier, long tubes. I am halfway through the first sleeve. I think I shall be able to finish this sweater in one month. Cross fingers!

And yes, that is some pretty Tweedy Cascade 220 perched next to the Snow White. I have been petting it and contemplating which project shall move off the queue next.

Also, I listened to the Eden Prairie HS football game on the radio last night. Does it make anyone else slightly uncomfortable when a team keeps scoring after five touchdowns? Still, way to go boys. Not sure anyone can stop them on the way to this state championship. The Cretin-Derham Hall game should be awesome if we make it past Eastview.

So, which would you rather have tomorrow, yarn pr0n or lunch pictures?

Both! :)
Both!? :-)
Yeah - both!!
Can't wait to see Snow White in her glory. I loved working the small Urchin Beret from Ysolda's pattern.

As for the voting? You heard the ladies. :-)
This is why I can't watch sports. Because if we're winning, I feel bad for the losers and start cheering them on.

Also, for me, this is NaWaOthKniSweMo (National Watch Others Knit Sweaters Month)

It's a very pretty color!

And the vote . . . I don't care - I'll be back either way ;-)
no question: yarn p0rn
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