Monday, November 20, 2006

The Village of the ....?
The Village is up! The Village is up!
I love my Christmas Village from Dept. 56.
It makes my house and spirits feel so Holiday-like. Do you know what I loathe? I loathe lugging 30+ boxes upstairs from storage (okay - so I pay a kid to do it.) I loathe the mess those little pieces of styrofoam make all over my kitchen counter and floor. Then? I have to take all those boxes BACK to the basement (okay - so I pay another kid to do it.) Still. It takes all day and much ladder climbing and dusting and plugging in and rearranging. When I'm done and it's dark and they are all twinkling and blinking, I love my Christmas Village. As a matter of fact, three years ago, the village remained up all year long. I won't do that again, although people mostly didn't notice. So here it is, my lovely Christmas Village:

So obviously, not much else going on today between the driving of the children and the placing of the Village and the driving of the children. OMG, the driving of the children.

Have yourselves a lovely little evening, will you?

Wow! That's an impressive set up. It must have taken you a while to collect all those different pieces.
Sweet display. But if you leave them up all year you have to dust them...
Your Village must be very beautiful in the dark with just the Village lights twinkling.

The South Pacific color is fantastic! You will have to be sure and post a picture of the socks - or whatever - you decide to knit with it.
I have some of the Halloween town items but not many because my husband says that will send me "pumping the handcart to Hummeldon." Love the Lisa Souza yarn - I got two skeins last week. I blame Lime 'n Violet!
And I thought we had a lot of the village. Holy mackeral! Wait til I show hubby the pictures!

Have a great Turkey Day!

p.s. I'll take a picture of an ornament that my husband gave me a few years ago that we hung from the ceiling. It's still there. I'll put it out on our blog later today! :-)

'Just Me'
Still waiting for Halloween decorations to be put away! HA!

Villages are so cool, but, beyond my range of things that I could do without getting a bit loopy. I am jealous of my friends who have them...
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