Monday, July 31, 2006

A most uneventful day.

I hovered in front of the working a/c as the central air is still not functioning - we are all camping in disparate areas of the house. My Nantasket Basket is finished - I'll show him off after his bath.

Oh - I could show you the two little blue purses destined for the nieces:

And the un-fringed pink shawl I gifted to my SIL this weekend - here it is blocking for a little while before I fringed it. The colorway was called sunrise - doesn't it look like a sunrise?

Would you like to see my future Rogue?

Well then - here it is:

This is Bartlett Yarns 2-ply in blackberry. I'm saving this for a temperature drop.

Xcel Energy came out and replaced our Energy Saver box, but that doesn't seem to be the issue so now we are waiting on CenterpPoint Energy Plus to come out and look at the Furnace and A/C unit. Sigh. They're supposed to be here Wednesday morning. The temperature is supposed to drop on Wednesday as well. Sigh.

That Alchemy is going on the needles tomorrow.

I'm so happy it's raining and the temp dropped 25 degrees!!! Great bags and shawl!
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