Saturday, July 29, 2006

99 degrees sweeties and a hot wind across Flying Cloud Field um, I mean The Prairie. My poor kids had to play Lacrosse today. The ten year old only had to play once, but the fourteen year old had to play three games!!! The year end playoffs - and those poor kids gave their heart and souls. The 7/8 graders are done and they finished in Fifth place. May not seem like much, but they have come so far this year. The 3/4 graders have to play two more games tomorrow. Those poor kids may not make it. And the spectators, you ask? How did they fare? Burnt to dried up little crispies are we!

I have some FO's to post, but you may not seem them 'til the camera is downstairs and I am too dehydrated to go and get it...

Later Gators

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