Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm back.
I would be a bad correspondent.

I have been lurking and reading many knitting blogs.
I discovered two or three of fellow knitters here in my hometown and they did something wonderful this weekend. They knit and walked for the Cure - The Cureageous Knitters. I had no idea! My town, my kids' school and all this fundraising hullabaloo and I had no idea! Here is one of them:

Now I don't personally know most of this people, but I say props to you all!

We have a cabin in Northern Wisconsin and we spend almost every summer weekend there. So that is where we were this weekend. My 14 year old brought a friend along, and their guitars. Not as noisy as you would think. So imagine my surprise as I'm lurking in all these newly discovered knitting blogs, to see this buddies' mom knitting away at this fundraising walk!!! I knew she was a knitter (I don't think she's a blogger, yet), but I guess that just means that even the blogging world, she is small.

All right, FO's
This would be the single sock I have knitted. He's very cute - but I think i need to move down to some smaller needles...This would be the Knitpicks sock yarn.

This would be my Clapotis. I have no idea where I got this yarn - but I think I need to go for a close up because you really can't see how beautifully this turned out. I've got three leftover skeins up on ebay for this yarn, but I'm not getting any nibbles - so I may gift it to someone.

I have a couple of felting projects and a hat that I've finished up, but those are on another memory stick, so perhaps they will wait for another day!

I am currently working on the large triangle shawl from the Cafe Knit book - I've got a hand dyed cotton in a sunset colorway - very pretty. Almost complete, if it's finished in time it's destined for my SIL's birthday this weekend.

Stay cool!

Thanks for de-lurking and posting a comment! I love reading blogs by other MN knitters. I don't know why, but it's just cool to know there are others out there! Keep posting, I'll keep reading and commenting. When I first started blogging five months ago it felt as though I was throwing words into a black hole, but eventually people find you and read you if you just keep at it.
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