Thursday, September 25, 2008


This project is going along in the car this weekend. Mr. Greenjeans just needs some ends sewn in and the button-band ribbing finished - oh and probably a good blocking. The Lacuna socks are finished and ready for show and tell on Monday!

Everyone is reading this weekend at the cabin - Puck has to finish Jack London's White Fang, and the Teenager has to finish reading The Illead and The Aeneid for his Enriched English Ancient Literature class. (He likes them!) I'm just going to plug in my iPod and grab my knitting, I've got a few episodes of Stash and Burn to catch up on.

That should be a beautiful sweater. Let us know how you like the pattern!
That sweater looks like a winner - although who am I to say :)

Have a good weekend!
That's a really cool looking sweater. Have a fun weekend!
Maybe I'll finish "War & Remembrance" this weekend. ..or not.
Good weekend. Sweater looks cool.
My daughters read the Illiad at their school - they also liked it. They spend a lot of time discussing the "relationship" between Achilles and Patroclus. I think it was just an excuse to rent the movie "Troy."
I just discovered Stash and Burn! How funny. It's fun to listen to and knit. Hope you had a great weekend!

Leo's turning into a swell boy (still some kinks to work out) HOpe your pups are fine and dandy!
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