Friday, January 11, 2008

I received a lovely gift yesterday.

These are from Abigail at 1870 pearl. She organized a small "apres" swap, we each knit a pair of socks for our partner (in secret), and mailed them off right after the Holidays. Turns out we both knit with the same yarn! We also both agree that the colors are lovely, but the yarn a little difficult to work with. The ones I received are gorgeous and fit perfectly! And of course, there was chocolate (yea, yea, I said WAS). If you want to see the ones I gifted from the same yarn (different color) click the link. I sent mine to Bryony in Wales, I believe. I'll post the color photos later today. I sent them last Thursday and she's received them already!

In the meantime, 1/2 of a pair of socks is finished:

Two preemie hats, sans pom-poms, are waiting to go.

Ozzie is up and down in his recovery. The pain meds make him frisky, but he's not supposed to be frisky(permanent damage), but the pain makes his temperature go up and he quits eating and drinking (obviously, he needs to eat and drink). We are trying to find a fine line. In the meantime, I have to hold his hind end up to go "potty" - poor guy, um, poor me. Since we spend a lot of time sitting around looking at each other, Ozzie and I, I am knitting quite a bit. The Hourglass sweater cranked along an inch or so last night during the Wild hockey game (Woot!), go Gabby!

Sorry, I don't have a countdown yarn for you today, I do have some yummy yarn for you to look at, but you're going to have to click away. So, if I was going to join a sock club this Winter, this one would be it. There appears to be around 30 spots available, and the price is reasonable, without a lot of extras thrown in.

Poor you! Poor Ozzie! At least you have some lovely new socks to wear... Those preemie hats are adorable.
Lovely socks. Always nice to get presents like that. And indeed: poor you and poor Ozzie.
Beautiful socks - y'all have excellent taste! Poor Ozzie, I hope he feels better soon (for both your sakes).
I like your socks. The yarn and pattern work together perfectly. And poor Ozzie! I hope things level out.
Ozzie, I know that you are just a puppy and you want to explore the world but trust us that she knows what it best for you. She is your human mom okay. Take it easy and get better or no pheasant hunting for you. The socks look great. I saw that in the email about the sock club but I think I am going to pass. I am doing the Loopy Ewe one.
Lucky you! I'm glad you got spoiled as well as I did :D I should point out that I'm in West Yorkshire though, near the home of Rowan yarns and the Knitting and Crochet Guild (yay!). My name is Welsh though so you were close ;)

Keeping my fingers crossed that Ozzie calms down a bit and feels better soon, and that you have less number 1 duty to do with him.

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