Monday, July 16, 2007

Preparing for Re-entry:

Well, at least my checkbook is preparing for re-entry into the yarn buying frenzy! Woo and Hoo!

Remember that Suri Merino I was sighing over? Well even at Webs the pricetag is steep. I need to find the perfect pattern and then it will be coming my way. In the meantime - I'll show you the replenishment as it appears - he, he.

The good news? This week Cider Moon has their Blizzard sock yarn 20% off - that is their sock yarn dyed on the Louet Gems blanks! It is on sale through July 20 (by the way, that is the sock yarn that should have been on my list, not that there's anything wrong with the Flurry - the louet is what I coveted.

Also, I received an e-mail yesterday from Jessica Thomaz of Yarntini glory - she and her husband have opened their own online store. So now I don't have to be stalking her all over the innernets! I can FINALLY get some Appletini without it being stolen straight out of my shopping cart!

Eleanor was completed yesterday.
Sorry about the backlighting, somehow the color doesn't get any better though. These will be good winter socks. I picked up another skein and cast on Friday before I left - that picture is up top. That yarn is from Yarn Ahoy at Etsy and I'm really liking how it's patterning already. This is the Retro Bleu colorway.

Remember Banff? I was working on this back in October. Well, I've picked it up and am nearly finished with both sleeves! I plan to finish this sweater this week before I cast on anything new! (Really, I promise!)

One last little piece of business (that was tongue in cheek, it's actually kinda huge)-

I got home from my week at the cabin last Monday and had a few emails giving me a heads up about this:
My virtual friend, Knittymama, has nominated me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger!! How awesome is that?

Now I'm supposed to pick five of my own and nominate them! My bloglines are at around 125 blogs, but these are the gals are near and dear to my heart.

Lorraine over at Of Faith & Fiber - cause she homeschools and man, I just couldn't handle the pressure - and she knits like a maniac and has a sense of humor about the whole darn thing. (You will find I value a sense of humor in a large way! Hmmm, along with run-on sentences. Lorraine - I may need an English writing refresher course - any of your kids available for teaching?)

Amy over at Knit Think - 'Cause not only does she rock Prince and the Slayer, she Walks with a Purpose. (She's funny too!)

Deb at Wound Too Tight is a newer "blog friend", and I have a feeling she's not going to let me get away with being shy. I love reading her daily examination of her life, and she's funny too! Not to mention, she kind of lives (almost) in my back yard. Frankly, I love anybody that'll give me hard time, and she started right away!

My friend Mia over at Knit & Play with Fire has already been nominated, I think, but I'm gonna nominate her again 'cause she's one of my heroes. Not only does she knit, she fights fires and is a great cook on top of it all. And I still owe her some yummy sock yarn 'cause she gifted me when I was dieting, and well, we all need to keep friends like that, don't we?

Rani over at Raniknits is in my backyard too. She's only been blogging since February and that girl is getting it done with a vengeance. She's taught herself to knit socks and dye with Kool-aide and generally kicking b*** and taking names (while still MAKING ME LAUGH!)

Now, I could also list Chris and Jeanne and Mary and Deb and Harriet and Megan, 'cause they deserve it too - but I'm gonna leave some of the Rockin' girls for the rest of you to nominate!

All right you nominees, now it's your turn!!! Go on!

Day Zero!!!!!

Step back and leave the woman a lot of room to shop! ;)

Congrats on your nomination! 'sok - I've been nominated, so I'm not feeling left out. :D
I'm not worthy! But I'll take it....
OK, I haven't been in the least tempted by your enabling, until you mention Hand-dyed Gems....Damn.
Don't go TOOOOO crazy! I also got the Yarntini email, great news! : )
(blush) Aw, shucks. What can I say? I'm humbled.

Happy shopping!!! So, do we get a tally of the stash you busted on your fiber fast?
First of all i can't WAIT to see what kind of new yarns you start reeling in!

2nd of all, I'm so excited to be mentioned! WOW! Can one be nominated twice, because I'm always checking you and Lori!!

Glad your home safe - heard some awful news from Wisconny about a family and their cabin . . . I wondered . . .
but your back!
Thanks for the kudos!
Zero!!!! I'm so impressed....
Day Zero! I am so impressed with your diet. Checking in to see the first purchases. I love Louet Gems, that is a beautiful yarn.

Shop away!!!
nice blog
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