Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I guess I promised you Yarn Pr0n:

This is my much anticipated Sweet Georgia in Omikase 5. It is very lovely - which you can't really tell because this photo is so blurry!

And then, since this is my 5th order from the Loopy Ewe - she sent me some goodies - a really cute project bag, some Dove chocolate (don't even ask why there's no photo of that!) and this:

Some Opal that I'm pretty sure I've been envying on some other sock knitter blogs. It looks like ice cream, and I think she looked at my usual color choices before she picked this out to send to me. How nice is Lori Berger? LOVE!

Oh, and by the way, Lori has updated the Loopy Ewe with some new yarn tonight: All Things Heather, Cider Moon, Seacoast Handpainted and, oh yes, she is now carrying the Louet Gems. You may go now, because I have already done my shopping. I am incorrigible and uncurable (incurable?) in my sock yarn addiction. At least I am knitting socks as fast as I can.

I am tying up the toe on my Embossed Leaves Socks, so I should have an FO to show you tomorrow.


Wow, talk about customer service!! *clicks on link*
Ummm, Guinifer...why is there no picture of the Dove chocolate...

I want some of that yarn. I saw it over at Miss T's blog too. You lucky knitters.
The Embossed leaves pattern is great-- so well thought out, the way the ribbing flows to the leaves, and the leaves flow into the toes!

I knit mine on 2s-- and hate wearing them. The gauge is just too loose for me! (they're house socks only now)
Gee, your SG is totally different from mine. Mine is pinks and purples. And why I am not surprised that the Dove didn't make it into the photo? Mine never makes it past the post office.
I'm endlessly jealous of your socks yarn. So pretty.
If you like Opal, look here: www.wolhalla.nl - link for English pages on the right. Jo An (who owns this online shop) sends to the USA.

Is this Opal variation named Petticoat (which I always calls Pirouette for some reason)?
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