Friday, February 02, 2007

This, that and the other thing:

I have joined Project Spectrum:

I have also joined several swaps on Swapbot: Magic Yarn Ball,
Hand Dyed Yarn - Spring, Int'l Sassy Sock Yarn Swap,

and the Winter Scarf Knit Kit Swap.

My Scarf Swap Pal wanted to know the answers to a few questions:
fav colours? I like rich colors as opposed to pastels. fav yarns? For a scarf I don't like the itchy or overly fuzzy. any allergies? No allergies but I'm a non-smoker so the smell of smoke in my yarn/clothing makes me sad.

I received an early birthday present this week from my SP9 giftee/pal (the girl I sent to) - Yvonne at Loisirs et Plaisirs.

Yvonne is in the Netherlands, so she tried to send me Dutch things. The wool is beautiful and I may use it for my first Project Spectrum project. Thanks so much for the early gift Yvonne!! What a sweetie!

Mr. Sock Mojo was giving me the froggie fidgets yesterday. I got to the heel flap with the Eagle's Flight out of Koigu on my #1 dpns from Knitpicks and I slipped them on and promptly popped a couple stitches they were so tight. Grrr. I ripped, got out the #2's and my Eagle's Flight socks are much happier:
See? Happy socks.

I'm going to update the links on my sidebar later today to add some of my new swappie friends!!

Have a great weekend, stay warm because it is bone-chilling here today.

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You are so bad ;) I just signed up for the sock swap. I am also in the Winter Scarf swap as well. And happy birthday early!!!
Wow, you are going to be swapping up a storm!! Have fun. And yeah, it is just WAY too cold today.
Just an FYI, KP #1s are US 1.5s. I like how the pattern in koigu is knitting up!
Glad it arrived, but, indeed, way too early...:-)
That's a good pattern choice for that color koigu! These swaps all look fun, you'll be busy! And that Yarn Ahoy yarn is luscious... and Fearless Fibers is new to me (oh the temptation!), Thanks, and stay warm!!
But isn't all this cold great for knitting?
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